Canopy Station

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Canopy Station
Canopy Station.png

Canopy Station in May 2021

World Survival 4 (Beagle))
Network Survival 4 Beagle Railway Network
Line South Line
Location X=-3160
Builder(s) efd189e7-d04c-421b-9374-2a5d8db665df?size=20.png legowar1508
Opened 3rd February 2021
Station Stats
Nยฐ of Main Lines 2
Nยฐ of Branch Lines 0
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Canopy Station is the second station of the West Line on the Survival 4 Beagle world. The station was constructed by efd189e7-d04c-421b-9374-2a5d8db665df?size=20.png legowar1508 and opened to the public on the 3rd of February 2021.


The foundation of the station is a large platform constructed primarily from polished andesite and stripped birch logs. Custom built jungle trees are located in each corner of the platform, which stretch upward to form a sort of canopy roof above the platform.

On each end of the station, there are larges arches which display the station's name for travellers coming east from Mountain Station, and West from West Station at Brickhaven. The nether portal and NTN access is located on a small elevated platform surrounded by a body of water at the centre of the station. The station also possesses several branch line terminals for future expansions.


Grand Central Station (Beagle)

West Station (Beagle)

Canopy Station <-- You are here.

Mountain Station