RHN End of Summer Event

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RHN End of Summer Event
Survival 4
RHN End of Summer Event poster 4.jpg

TypeEnd of Summer event by RHN
Date21st & 22nd August 2021, 6pm BST (both days)
ActivitiesShelter openings
OrganizersRoad and Horse Network
WorldSurvival 4

RHN End of Summer Event was an event on the Dogcraft Server that took place on Husky.

The Event

RHN End of Summer Event was an event that featured 5 different shelter openings from Road and Horse Network. It was hosted by 20.png TyrantrumGOD as to celebrate how big the road network has grown over it's lifetime. There was just 4 shelters planned for this event, Oak Town Shelter was added during the event. It was held on two different days, with 2 shelters being on each day.

Day 1: 21st August 2021

The first day saw the opening of Ghost March Shelter and Oxbow Station Shelter. Ghost March was the first one to be announced out of the two. After a talk with 20.png eybwam, Oxbow Station was later added on as one of the last shelters to be announced. It took a while before people got to the meetup area, so the host and other people waited for them to come to it. Some brought horses, others brought pigs. It started in Vitruvius and ended at Oxbow Station Shelter. After the event, some people went to the next day's meetup area to leave their horses there.

Day 2: 22nd August 2021

The second day saw the opening of HQ Shelter, Nimwald Road Shelter and Oak Town Shelter. Nimwald Road Shelter was the first one to be announced out of the three. HQ Shelter was later added when it was done constructing, some changes to it were made before the event started. Originally, Oak Town Shelter was not scheduled to be opened during the event, but it got opened for those that wanted to go there. It started at HQ Station, because the HQ Shelter was there as well, and it ended officially at Nimwald Road Shelter. Some people went to Oak Town Shelter as well and ended it there. 20.png N1cM4tth3w63 found an area along the Oak Bay Road where a future RHN Shelter is being made. People took some group photos at the docking area in Oak Town to end the event.


Youtube videos

The event was recorded by 20.png _Shako and uploaded to their Youtube channel.

Background Takeshi by Edo