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The community is led by a Staff Team. This page contains a list of staff members across the Dogcraft Server, website and discord.

Community Administrator

  • 20c3f5b6-fe4b-422b-b932-9c48462dd786?size=20.png Ironboundred

Server Staff

Head Moderators

  • 21767669-d40c-4d14-8090-ae18150e22ab?size=20.png Scooberson
  • 20.png simply_simon_
  • ad163b78-de29-4cc1-9803-29a0de2ab7d6?size=20.png briggsmech
  • 0cde779c-084c-459d-8b04-ca263827d60f?size=20.png Princess223


  • 20.png bBrain
  • 20.png SummerFlower1234


  • 20.png __Stormaggedon__
  • 20.png _Brin
  • 20.png Cookies58_
  • 58689092-9af1-4c2d-a83d-2fd8f72fbbf3?size=20.png dmgdog
  • 20.png DragonFire441
  • 341f3317-2435-4670-8eca-bf65f77c5561?size=20.png Dutchsoccer
  • 20.png EtaThetaZeta
  • 20.png FangsofAmber
  • 20.png googly2002
  • 20.png Gummibear87
  • 20.png Le_Gambit
  • 20.png OldManLP85
  • 20.png OwlCroissant
  • 2d78dff8-e6f6-4d89-bd58-37f5354949b3?size=20.png Skelleton123
  • dbc2f36e-279a-4f2f-b264-81e8be7dbed5?size=20.png TheWhiteTigerNL
  • 20.png ThEquinox2
  • 20.png TrainerMoon

Chat Moderators

  • 20.png ClaudyD4y
  • 4108cd18-4a9d-4311-ae26-56c6307b717b?size=20.png colliecolie
  • 51222331-2aa1-4570-8eb8-1ef337e01a11?size=20.png endorwitch
  • 85a3c2cb-d575-4b6c-a1d4-5f7805fa0ee9?size=20.png eybwam
  • 20.png Galeanami
  • cfa07cec-d6e7-4ea7-bad2-7cbd2b0909a0?size=20.png Karbloem
  • efd189e7-d04c-421b-9374-2a5d8db665df?size=20.png legowar1508
  • 20.png LivingDeadRachie
  • c75dd65e-6e8f-4a7c-848b-38ab71c5952a?size=20.png Minda905
  • afcb2b12-8207-4b83-9ca7-2c2e740e46ce?size=20.png mrkalaspuff
  • fd726d60-227b-4ce6-b5d9-10bffc689b84?size=20.png Nonium
  • 20.png PerskyPuff
  • 20.png RY44
  • 963a748f-fd36-49bb-af49-7d6cf7b48f24?size=20.png _Skyhook
  • 20.png StenLLuk
  • 20.png TekBot0507
  • 20.png Txp_

Discord Staff

Head Moderators

  • 20.png googly2002
  • 20.png William278

Advisor to the Head Mods: 20.png simply_simon_


  • b4db14a4-6515-4b83-ba2c-ef6308f3f919?size=20.png ashapink
  • ad163b78-de29-4cc1-9803-29a0de2ab7d6?size=20.png briggsmech
  • 4108cd18-4a9d-4311-ae26-56c6307b717b?size=20.png colliecolie
  • 20.png Cookies58_
  • 20.png DragonFire441
  • 20.png Gummibear87
  • 20c3f5b6-fe4b-422b-b932-9c48462dd786?size=20.png Ironboundred
  • 20.png Iotados
  • 20.png JarrydG_ZA
  • efd189e7-d04c-421b-9374-2a5d8db665df?size=20.png legowar1508
  • c369c1dd-f285-43bb-b268-08a8c7876aa5?size=20.png marbou9
  • 20.png misterblue28
  • 03b2d69b-9daf-48e8-ab59-d0f8570cfe4b?size=20.png MysticStrz
  • 20.png Pigeon_Confirmed
  • 0cde779c-084c-459d-8b04-ca263827d60f?size=20.png Princess223
  • 21767669-d40c-4d14-8090-ae18150e22ab?size=20.png Scooberson
  • 20.png Scuba_Girl
  • 20.png simply_simon_
  • 2d78dff8-e6f6-4d89-bd58-37f5354949b3?size=20.png Skelleton123
  • 20.png SummerFlower1234
  • 20.png Tankkiler123
  • 20.png Txp_

Website Staff

Website Administrator

  • 20.png OD18

Wiki Administrators

  • 9692e815-58c1-45c0-a505-cad65c48ed89?size=20.png darparniox
  • 20.png William278
  • 20.png Domino_1

Patreon Server Staff

Head Moderators

  • 60ae2399-9203-47a9-b476-3f3c656314db?size=20.png sasha1nine7
  • 20.png Ectobeast


  • a4aca9b5-adf6-4532-ab93-234accf0eaaf?size=20.png beouwolfe

All-Time Staff List

This tables documents every member of staff on the server, past or present.

Current Staff
Username Rank Notes
21767669-d40c-4d14-8090-ae18150e22ab?size=20.png Scooberson Server Headmod
Discord Moderator
20.png simply_simon_ Server Headmod
Discord Moderator
ad163b78-de29-4cc1-9803-29a0de2ab7d6?size=20.png briggsmech Server Headmod
Discord Moderator
0cde779c-084c-459d-8b04-ca263827d60f?size=20.png Princess223 Server Headmod
Discord Moderator
20.png googly2002 Discord Headmod
Server Moderator
20.png William278 Discord Headmod
Wiki Administrator
Former Server Moderator
20c3f5b6-fe4b-422b-b932-9c48462dd786?size=20.png Ironboundred Server Admin
Discord Moderator
20.png bBrain Server Admin -
20.png SummerFlower1234 Server Admin
Discord Moderator
20.png Ectobeast Patreon Headmod Former Server Headmod
60ae2399-9203-47a9-b476-3f3c656314db?size=20.png sasha1nine7 Patreon Headmod -
a4aca9b5-adf6-4532-ab93-234accf0eaaf?size=20.png beouwolfe Patreon Moderator -
20.png Gummibear87 Server Moderator
DC Server Rep.
Discord Moderator
20.png OldManLP85 Server Moderator
Build Team Director
2d78dff8-e6f6-4d89-bd58-37f5354949b3?size=20.png Skelleton123 Server Moderator
Discord Moderator
20.png DragonFire441 Server Moderator
Discord Moderator
20.png Cookies58_ Server Moderator
DC Server Rep.
Discord Moderator
341f3317-2435-4670-8eca-bf65f77c5561?size=20.png Dutchsoccer Server Moderator -
20.png EtaThetaZeta Server Moderator -
20.png __Stormaggedon__ Server Moderator Former Discord Moderator
20.png OwlCroissant Server Moderator -
dbc2f36e-279a-4f2f-b264-81e8be7dbed5?size=20.png TheWhiteTigerNL Server Moderator -
20.png TrainerMoon Server Moderator
DC Server Rep.
20.png ThEquinox2 Server Moderator -
20.png Le_Gambit Server Moderator
DC Server Rep.
20.png _Brin Server Moderator -
20.png FangsofAmber Server Moderator -
58689092-9af1-4c2d-a83d-2fd8f72fbbf3?size=20.png dmgdog Server Moderator -
51222331-2aa1-4570-8eb8-1ef337e01a11?size=20.png endorwitch Server Chat Mod -
20.png Galeanami Server Chat Mod -
20.png LivingDeadRachie Server Chat Mod -
20.png StenLLuk Server Chat Mod -
963a748f-fd36-49bb-af49-7d6cf7b48f24?size=20.png _Skyhook Server Chat Mod -
20.png ClaudyD4y Server Chat Mod -
20.png RY44 Server Chat Mod -
efd189e7-d04c-421b-9374-2a5d8db665df?size=20.png legowar1508 Server Chat Mod
Discord Moderator
20.png Txp_ Server Chat Mod
Discord Moderator
4108cd18-4a9d-4311-ae26-56c6307b717b?size=20.png colliecolie Server Chat Mod
Discord Moderator
fd726d60-227b-4ce6-b5d9-10bffc689b84?size=20.png Nonium Server Chat Mod -
afcb2b12-8207-4b83-9ca7-2c2e740e46ce?size=20.png mrkalaspuff Server Chat Mod -
cfa07cec-d6e7-4ea7-bad2-7cbd2b0909a0?size=20.png Karbloem Server Chat Mod -
20.png TekBot0507 Server Chat Mod -
c75dd65e-6e8f-4a7c-848b-38ab71c5952a?size=20.png Minda905 Server Chat Mod -
20.png PerskyPuff Server Chat Mod -
85a3c2cb-d575-4b6c-a1d4-5f7805fa0ee9?size=20.png eybwam Server Chat Mod -
c369c1dd-f285-43bb-b268-08a8c7876aa5?size=20.png marbou9 Discord Moderator Former Server Headmod
20.png JarrydG_ZA Discord Moderator Former Server Moderator
20.png misterblue28 Discord Moderator -
20.png Pigeon_Confirmed Discord Moderator -
20.png Scuba_Girl Discord Moderator -
20.png Iotados Discord Moderator (formerly Kingcreeper1)
20.png Tankkiler123 Discord Moderator -
03b2d69b-9daf-48e8-ab59-d0f8570cfe4b?size=20.png MysticStrz Discord Moderator -
b4db14a4-6515-4b83-ba2c-ef6308f3f919?size=20.png ashapink Discord Moderator -
20.png OD18 Website Administrator -
9692e815-58c1-45c0-a505-cad65c48ed89?size=20.png darparniox Wiki Administrator -
20.png Domino_1 Wiki Administrator Former Discord Moderator
Former Staff
Username Ranks Held Notes
20.png KazYagami Discord Administrator
Server Moderator
Former Server Headmod
20.png Mattigins Website Administrator
Server Admin
20.png Brianetta Server Admin
Server Moderator
20.png LiLWolfie Website Headmod
Former Server Moderator
20.png DragonTheTek Server Headmod Former Server Moderator
Formerly Returning Server Moderator (formerly FormulaAbyss)
20.png Rustbite Server Headmod Former Server Admin
20.png j0n_r4ng Server Headmod First one to hold [Staff] rank, after resigning as Headmod.
20.png Zhul Server Headmod -
20.png victix11 Server Headmod Owned and operated an account named
'Cyberdog_admin', which held the Administrator rank.
20.png Cyberdog_admin Server Admin Owned and operated by victix11
Ivan Dogovich Website Headmod -
20.png StaircaseClimber Server Headmod -
20.png Navi_Heylisten Discord Administrator
Server Headmod
20.png PeterPaul1991 Server Moderator -
20.png RealBrontitall Server Chat Mod -
20.png expedtadam Server Chat Mod -
20.png MaseratiMan Server Chat Mod -
20.png EmaEmason Server Chat Mod -
20.png TerTerFooFoo Server Moderator
DC Server Rep.
20.png Mipronk Server Chat Mod Former Discord Moderator
20.png ChargedBluey Server Moderator -
20.png Coaleb Server Moderator -
20.png blueartistic813_ Server Chat Mod -
20.png Mrs_Diss Server Moderator -
20.png ivorysnape Server Moderator -
20.png EnderWatts Server Chat Mod -
20.png Xman404 Server Moderator -
20.png nossi_ Server Chat Mod -
3cffdd058e0048a3af29524285bf6def?size=20.png JustEnt Discord Moderator -
20.png Wildfirev Server Moderator
Discord Moderator
Former Build Team Leader
20.png RTAcubed Server Moderator
DC Server Rep.
20.png Mr_Quasi Server Moderator Former Discord Moderator
20.png Brinerville Server Chat Mod -
20.png HoosaSnitch Server Chat Mod -
20.png TiniestTea Server Chat Mod -
20.png BumblingNugget Server Chat Mod -
20.png RetroSquirrel Server Chat Mod -
20.png PsychotcBear Server Chat Mod -
20.png FalseConsistency Discord Moderator -
20.png Gamerchyck Discord Moderator
Server Moderator
20.png KingGothmog Discord Moderator -
20.png Tina_Sakurai Discord Moderator
Former Server Chat Mod
20.png Athesiel Server Chat Mod -
20.png GentlemanGnu Server Chat Mod -
20.png ramokhan Server Moderator -
20.png EllenNL Server Moderator -
20.png LAK3RS Server Chat Mod
Server Moderator
20.png Mikey_DC Server Moderator -
20.png iPossum Server Moderator -
20.png Taiga_Aisaka Server Chat Mod (formerly yo_furyxEXPO)
20.png Aster_B Server Moderator (formerly Kiterou)
20.png Bunderella Server Moderator -
d416347b-49e5-4c86-a338-7a5b2c51bea2?size=20.png Last_Outlawz Server Moderator -
20.png CoourtneyCoo Server Moderator (formerly Blued0g)
20.png Kijushi Server Moderator -
20.png Naxela_ Server Moderator -
20.png Auriess Server Moderator (formerly Arisoune)
20.png skyautumn2011 Server Moderator -
20.png Trojan_DC Server Moderator -
20.png silkehartung Server Moderator -
20.png Sandrux Server Moderator -
20.png thegoldminer177 Server Chat Mod -
20.png Bosslady80 Server Moderator -
20.png DragonLady80 Server Moderator (formerly BossLady80)
20.png Aeon000 Server Moderator -
20.png NebulaPond Server Moderator -
20.png JollyJake Server Moderator -
20.png EwanWatson Server Moderator -
20.png MasterMind_DC Server Moderator -
b9540394-45da-4064-89c2-28d636a4230b?size=20.png _edo Server Moderator -
20.png rock_badger Server Chat Mod -
20.png Splicer Server Moderator (formerly RadioactivGaming)
20.png MuuMuuFace Server Moderator -
20.png Mr_Dawgie Server Moderator -
20.png sugar0addict Server Moderator -
20.png MaddenChan Server Moderator -
20.png Ten0r Server Moderator -
20.png Stin_ Discord Moderator -

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