Havana Treasure Hunt

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Havana Treasure Hunt
Survival 2
Treasure hunt.png
A view of Havana's Noob Square, dressed for the occasion
TypeOne time, limited time event
DateSeptember 2nd, 2018, 2pm GMT Start
OrganizersHavana City Council
WorldSurvival 2

The Havana Treasure Hunt was a small event held on the 2nd of September 2018, in the City of Havana and run by the city's council. The event was created in celebration of the city's first anniversary, which coincided with the anniversary of the Survival 2 world as a whole.

RY44 redeeming his treasure

The hunt involved finding hidden chests around the city, each of which contained a token that could be redeemed for a unique named treasure piece which ranged from tools to blocks of iconic buildings as well as a few diamonds. Most items had either in-game of real life historical reference. Some examples are: 'Ford Fairlane' minecart, 'Moustache hair of Fidel Castro' string, '1715 plate fleet treasure' gold block and 'piece of Havana City Hall' nether brick.

The city's Noob Square was dressed for the occasion with cakes and treasure collection stands where Havana council members would exchange the tokens for treasures. Free t-shirts were given out as memorabilia. The hunt was considered a success and all treasures were found within a few hours of the hunt's beginning.

Background Dragon Slayer - Retriever by Ironboundred