Spawn Station (Survival 2)

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Spawn Station
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The underground station, which was accessible via escalator from the surface.

World Survival 2
Network Survival Railway Network (Survival 2)
Line North Line
Location X=-1775
Builder(s) 20.png _edo
20.png Brianetta
20.png darparniox
Opened 2nd September 2017
Station Stats
N° of Main Lines 2

Spawn Station was the first Station of on the SRN North Line in Survival 2. It was located underground east of Spawn Castle.


Spawn Station featured a unique layout, only accessible via a small surface build, with a short rail elevator to move travelers up and down to the station platforms.

Surface section of Spawn Station

A hidden button located behind the southeastern-most flame opened the door to the minecart dispensers below.

A portal to the nether was included at the station, with the label 'NTN'. The portal lead to the world's nether hub, with a fake portal to the actual NTN station above.

The station conforms to some extent with the medieval theme of Spawn, however, significantly more colour and signage was used. It appeared that some elements of the generic Survival 1 station designs were referenced, notably the arched ceiling with glass and blue concrete that mimicked the sky. When this station was built, SRN hadn't been changed to the yellow and cyan colour scheme, thus, Spawn Station was the final station sporting the original yellow and blue colour scheme.

Minecart 'escalator' tracks to the station platforms


Following the announcement of Survival 2 in early June 2017, a forum thread for spawn suggestions was created. Several suggestions of a railway station were made, and a SRN team of _edo, Brianetta, and darparniox were invited to the spawn build server.

The team quickly set about brainstorming ideas for the Survival 2 network and a suitable location for Spawn Station, and filed a submission to management of the spawn area. Despite this, the Station was assigned a rather obscure and restrictive area underground. The decision was soon after made by the SRN team to build the central station outside of Spawn.

North Line

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