Havana Library

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Havana Library
World Survival 2
Builder(s) 20.png Sam_Argos
Status Defunct
Completed Completed

The Havana Library was a major cultural building, located in the City of Havana. It was built to house all player written books in the Survival 2 world and allow public access to them. The library was run by librarians _edo, marbou9, and Sam_Argos.


A library had been thought of during the initial conceptualization of Havana. In January 2018, Sam_Argos created a building design based loosely on the Amsterdam Library for the space allotted at the end of Havana's promenade. Their concept was built in Survival 2 by the end of the first month. It featured three stories plus a basement for book processing and fit snugly into the surrounding builds.


Books were sorted into categories and displayed in various parts of the building.

1ˢᵗ Floor - Server History & Havana

  • Cyberdog Newsletter Vol. 1 (Joschija) & Vol. 2-5 (William278) - Current and previous issues of the player-run community newsletter.
  • MicroMesa Guide (Mrs_Diss) - Description and brief history of the MicroMesa
  • City Tour Guide (Domino_1) - Brief descriptions of the towns of the world, circa August 2018
  • A Tale of Two Riddies (William278) - Two players called Rid cause havoc in the SRN
  • Burnt Cookies (Sam_Argos) - Workers revolt before the situation is remedied by the kindness of the Havana Cookie Co. (This book sponsored by the Havana Cookie Co.)
  • Havana Ooh (Sam_Argos) - Parody of the 2017 pop song 'Havana'
  • Havana (Jake_Fabulous) - A player finds themselves confusing reality with living in Havana

2ⁿᵈ Floor - Fiction & Non-Fiction

  • Guide to City Banners (misterblue28) - Instructional guide to copying banners of major settlements of Survival 2
  • Book of Dogcraft Links (Brianetta) - List of clickable links to important server resources
  • Mayan Heritage (William278) - The city of Uxtrakala falls and a new one, Akkara, takes its place
  • The Helnight (BraynCel) - Citizens of an unknown town face an apocalyptic event called The Helnight
  • Plastic Energy (gamerluuk) - A tale of ReNDoG, Iskall and radioactivity

3ʳᵈ Floor- Poetry

  • Yoda Tales (SithMeow) - Humorous piece based around Yoda's choice of underwear
  • Smile (Jake_Fabulous) - Uplifting poem in which a child defeats all evil with a smile
  • Sorry (ironboundred) - An apology letter from the server admin, who turned someone into a creeper
    Second floor of the library

Writing Competition

In May 2018, the 'Pen is mightier than the sword' writing competition was announced by Sam_Argos. The competition ran for the length of the month, and any book submitted during that time would be eligible. The winners were SithMeow (for Yoda Tales), BraynCel (for The Helnight), and Jake_Fabulous (for Havana).

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