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Screenshot of the Husky Dynmap

Dogcraft Logo White.svg Website
Type Website
Address dogcraft.net/map/husky
Launch date 5th May, 2020
Developer(s) 18.png Ironboundred
Owen Diffey
mikeprimm (plugin author)

"Survival Maps are now available on the website!" 18.png Ironboundred, in the announcement

The Dynamic Map, more commonly referred to as the Dynmap after the server plugin it uses, is an interactive live overview map that displays an overview of the current state of the Husky and Beagle worlds.

Alongside displaying an up-to-date block-level map of the world, it also shows the current location of players as well as player claims made on either world. The map can be accessed via the green map button on the Dogcraft.net website, where players can select to view either the Husky or Beagle map. The Dogcraft Wiki also provides direct links to specific co-ordinates on each map for easy reference from the information boxes of Survival 4 articles.


Before its re-launch on the Survival 4 worlds, the Dynmap was previously available before, providing both a two-dimensional and three-dimensional live preview of the original Survival, alongside the MCMMO and Amplified worlds. The feature was available throughout most of the history of the first Survival world and saw great usage and enjoyment from players. In particular, it allowed for early organisation of the Survival Railway Network (Survival 1) as the map allowed for a basis for planning railway lines efficiently and effectively through a network map.

Map of the SRN on Survival 1, based on an image from the Dynmap.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of disk space on the server as well as a myriad of performance issues, the original Dynmap was unstable and failed to update most of the time. As a result, the feature was retired in the latter part of the world and didn't see a return in Survival 2 or Survival 3. To act as a replacement for the Dynmap, members of the newly founded Havana city began the Great Survival Map project, to allow for the creation of maps such as one for the SRN on the new Survival 2 world. This project would carry forward into the Survival 3 world in the form of the Grand Map, a project which successfully managed to map the entirety of the world within the 20,000 x 20,000 block border.

With the launch of the first of the two Survival 4 worlds; Husky, as well as the move to more powerful dedicated hardware, administrator 18.png Ironboundred suggested the possibility of the Dynmap returning. Finally, on the 5th of May, 2020, the dynmap would see its return after three years of absence as a major server feature.


  • Players can use the /dynmap hide and /dynmap show commands to hide/show their player from appearing on the dynmap.
  • It's possible to create direct links to locations on either Dynmap and set other parameters. See this link for more information. In addition, the parameter expanded can be appended to the URL to display the map in the "full screen" mode.