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Shepherd Spawn
Survival 5 Shepherd
Shep Spawn.png
A view of the world
WorldSurvival 5 (Shepherd)
Builder(s)Dogcraft Creative Team
LocationX= 520
Y= 82
Z= 220

Shepherd is one of the 4 worlds in Survival 5 on the Dogcraft Server, which was present from the first day of the launch, unlike Camp Beagle on Survival 4. The spawn has the theme "Urban City" and was constructed by the Dogcraft Creative Team. This spawn contains The DCT (Dogcraft Creative Team) building, SRN (Survival Rail Network) Grand Central Station, NTN (Nether Transport Network) building, RHN (Road & Horse Network) building. Apart from the transportation networks, there is also a big dig site in the middle of the spawn, a spawn building, a port, and a decorative looking place. As all the other spawns, you can get there by using /spawn, or by using the transportation networks. Also see the other spawns, Labrador, Corgi, and Akita. Lastly, Shepherd's spawn contains the most community builds, such as (Post office, Bad Omen Inc, and much more)


As mentioned above, there are various builds in this spawn. You'll start at the spawn building and a custom noise made my noteblocks would be played! As you go out, you'll see the big dig infront of the spawn building, and the transportation network buildings around them! On your left, you'd see the viewing place and trees! Continuing with the circle, you'd see the port with big boats, and the GCS (Grand Central Station), RHN, NTN, DCT buildings!


Shepherd was the first spawn to be constructed by the build team. In addition, Shepherd was primarily constructed by the Dogcraft Build Team prior to the team merge with the Events Team, forming the Creative team. The spawn's world has two of the biggest community cities, Caelon and Leon, located it's east, and The Chimera States to the North.


The build was completed in creative mode before the world launch two months before Survival 5. The project leader was first 20.png OldmanLP85, who created much of the layout as part of the former Build Team, and subsequently 20.png SummerFlower1234 after the merger as the Creative Team leader. Shepherd spawn was finished on the 11th of February, over a month before the launch of Survival 5.

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