Getting Around

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Many worlds on the Cyberdog Server have methods of getting around quickly between places, spanning between a range of Transport Networks, railways, server commands and warps. For transport information on a per-world basis, please see:

Inter-world Travel

You can change the world you are currently in using the /servers command, which will open up a menu.

  • For the Creative world, click the Bedrock.
  • For the Survival 3 world, click the Diamond Pickaxe.
  • For Nitro UHC, click the Golden Apple.
  • For Hide N' Seek click the Barrier Block.
  • You can return to the lobby with /hub or by clicking the paper.

For access to the modded Patreon World, historically the IP address in conjunction with the Foolcraft 3 modpack would have let you join. However, this world has since been discontinued.

Server Restarts

Four times per day, all Dogcraft worlds restart in order to maintain good performance. The Survival server restarts every 6 hours at 05:00, 11:00 17:00 and 23:00 GMT, with the Creative Server restarting at 1:00PM and 1:00AM GMT. Players on restarting worlds will be moved to the hub and the world will be momentarily disabled.

Transport Networks

Also see: