Taiga Bay Station

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Taiga Bay Station
2018-07-13 22.30.31.png
World Survival 1
Network Survival Railway Network (Survival 1)
Line West Line
Location X=-1746
Builder(s) 20.png darparniox
Opened Approx. March 2017~
Station Stats
N° of Main Lines 1

Taiga Bay Station was the second and final station from Spawn along the SRN West Line on the original Survival 1 world.


The station used a typical Survival 1 SRN station design. This example featured spruce with some grey elements for the main palette. A small bridge provided access across the nearby river.


The location for Taiga Bay (then known as Far West) Station was decided upon because of its unique landscape, practically the meeting of three biomes and the ocean.

An initial station build was made by 20.png herocreep224. The line was connected much later and the subsequent station deemed sub-standard. The re-built station was used through the end of Survival 1.

Shortly before the opening of Survival 2, player activity flourished in the area. A very short section of line westward travels through 20.png Skelleton123's base, although the line had little opportunity to expand before the SRN project ended in Survival 1.

West Line

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