West Station (Survival 2)

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West Station (Survival 2)
West Station.png
World Survival 2
Network Survival Railway Network (Survival 2)
Line West Line
Location X=-3426
Builder(s) 20.png Skelleton123
Opened 7ᵗʰ October 2017
Station Stats
N° of Main Lines 3
N° of Secondary Lines 0

West Station was the first station on the west line from Grand Central Station on the Survival 2 world. It operated as the hub for the two different West lines (Main and Northern part). From West station you could ride to West Coast or Northwest.


The Station, located in an Extreme Hills biome, was designed and built by Skelleton123. It featured 3 platforms and a separate floor for the map and NTN portal. Build out of stone and andesite with dark oak wood features it also featured a glass roof. The station was already build high up in the world, thus there was no need for a separate tower for elytra takeoff.

West Line


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