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Corgi Spawn
Survival 5 Corgi
Shaders Corgi spawn.png
A view of the spawn
WorldSurvival 5 (Corgi)
Builder(s)Dogcraft Creative Team
LocationX= -560
Y= 82
Z= -260

Corgi is one of the 4 worlds in Survival 5 on the Dogcraft Server, which was present from the first day of the launch, unlike Camp Beagle on Survival 4. The spawn has the theme "Druid" and was constructed by the Dogcraft Creative Team. The spawn features many builds, such as spawn hut, A CRN (Community Rail Network) Grand Central Station, nether portal in a cave with a magical crystal tree above, a harbour, an end portal ruin, an iron golem statue, and decorative tents with ruins. It is the smallest spawn out of the four current ones, and it can be accessed via the /spawn command, and transportation networks. Also see the other spawns, Labrador, Shepherd, and Akita.


As mentioned above, there are various builds in this spawn. You will spawn in the spawn hut where you can hear music played by noteblocks, which is a feature in all spawns. When you walk out from the hut, you will see a magical looking tree with a nether portal under in a cave, and to your right, you will see the railway station. Moreover, you can see many decorative ruins as you are walking around the place. If you continue taking the path passing by the GCS, you will see the harbour in front with two boats. If you take left from the spawn hut, you would see some ancient statues made by the people who used to live there, and some decorative tents along the way till you hit the end portal ruin. Finally, you would see the Iron golem statue if you go down the hill.


Corgi was the last spawn to get constructed by the team, which lead to its smaller size, but it still has all the necessary elements and many decorative pieces. In addition to that, Corgi joined Labrador as one of the two worlds which saw the Dogcraft Creative Team brought on for the building process. To clarify, this spawn was worked on by the Events Team and the Build Team equally, unlike Shepherd, which was constructed by the Build Team, and Akita, which was constructed by the Events Team.


The build was completed in creative mode before the world launch within a week by members of the Dogcraft Creative Team (former Build team & Events team). The project leader was 20.png SummerFlower1234 among the team managers, 20.png Nonium, 20.png RY44, and 20.png TheWhiteTigerNL. Corgi spawn was finished on the 28th of February, 18 days before the launch of Survival 5.

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