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Station Competition
Survival 5
OrganizersSRN & CRN
WorldSurvival 5

Station Competition was a building event that took place on all Survival 5 worlds on the Dogcraft Server throughout August 2023. It was jointly hosted by the SRN and CRN with the aim of spurring the Ring Lines of their rail networks. Compared to the official Build Battles, this event was community-organized and mainly focused on structures intended to serve the relevant rail transit systems.

The Announcement

Get ready to chugga and choo 'cause


The SRN and CRN proudly premiers this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to win by making a station! Sign Up and save your spot.

Sign Up

Please complete the Google Form below to enter. You will be contacted about your assigned location in the days leading up to the competition.

Build Particulars

A functional station that meets the requirements found in the Sign Up form.


A special banner for all entrants! A special miniblock for all winners!

  • 1st Prize gets 50,000 Dcds, 128 iron blocks, and 48 diamond blocks
  • 2nd Prize gets 30,000 Dcds, 64 iron blocks, and 32 diamond blocks
  • 3rd Prize gets 20,000 Dcds, 64 iron blocks, and 16 diamond blocks
  • 4th Prize gets 10,000 Dcds, 64 iron blocks, and 8 diamond blocks

Important Dates

17th – 24th July: Sign-up

28th July: Building starts 25th August : Building stops

26th August : Judging commences

This announcement chime is brought to you by the Trolly Problem—Poor Adam!


1.  Can we join as a group?

Of course you can! A group is considered a singular participant and can only submit one station per world. In the event your group wins, the prize will be distributed among its members.

2. I already have a station built prior to the competition but it isn't opened yet. Am I allowed to enter it?

No. Stations built before the competition are not qualified to enter as this provides an unfair advantage to the participant.

3.  Will I need to build the rail line(s), too?

This competition is about the stations only. However, the rail lines will be built separately by the networks or during build sessions. If you are building a branch station to your base, it is your responsibility to design and complete the rail connection. This can be done after the competition is over.

The Winners

The organizers of the event has yet to announce the winners. Stay tuned, folks!


Very lovely station builds here

Background Dragon Slayer - Retriever by Ironboundred