Akkara Station

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Akkara Station
Akkara Station.png

Akkara Station's Southern Hall at day.

World Survival 2
Network Survival Railway Network (Survival 2)
Line Akkara Secondary Line
Builder(s) 20.png William278
20.png LAK3RS
Opened 29th November, 2017
Station Stats
N° of Main Lines 0
N° of Secondary Lines 2

Akkara Station was a railway station of the Survival Railway Network on the Survival 2 world. The station served the city of Akkara and served two secondary lines; one to Tundra Station and another to Greenfield Station, although incomplete plans made at the end of the Survival 2 world originally aimed to connect the town to a midway station known as "Island Interlude Station". The station also featured a Nether Portal in it's Bell Tower, which connected Akkara to the Nether Transport Network through a Nether station that served Greenfield and East Station


The station, when first built on the 29th of November 2017, was the largest station on the network, spanning a huge footprint on the northern end of the city. It's grey design prompted many to joke about the heavy usage of stone in Akkara and has subsequently led to a number of notable additions to the built to alter it.

In May of 2018, a second hall of the station was built expanding the station's capacity to a total of 5 secondary lines. The expansion, which was built adjacent to original build on the other side of the river, would eventually serve another line to the city from Greenfield Station which was opened on the 9th of August, 2018.

Incomplete Island Interlude

During Survival 2, players riding the Akkara secondary line noticed that the server would kick them for being AFK due to the line's length. Plans were made to construct a main north line station halfway along the line to be called Island Interlude Station. Construction began on the station, however only in the final week of the Survival 2 world. Due to the announcement of the impending Survival 3, the station was never completed, making it the second main station to be incomplete at the end of a world alongside Soms Station on Survival 1.


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