Tab Colors

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The Tab Screen is a universal Minecraft feature that allows players to see who is on the server with them, and is accessible by default by simply pressing and holding the 'tab' button on a standard keyboard. The Dogcraft Server has its own unique naming and color scheme that can assist players. This appears in-between the players head icon and their name.


The server worlds and sections are abbreviated in the Tab Screen as follows:

Colors corresponding to a certain dimension remain the same.

    • In the Overworld: Suroverworld.png
    • In the Nether: Surnether.png
    • In the End: Surend.png
  • Creative → [Creative]
    • In Creative: Creativetab.png
  • Server Hub → [HUB]
    • In the Hub: Hubtab.png
  • Nitro UHC → [UHC]
    • In the lobby:Uhclobbylobby.png
    • In a game lobby: Uhclobby.png
    • In an active game: Uhcplaying.png
  • Hide and Seek → [H&S]
    • In the lobby: Mglobby.png
    • In an active game: Mgplaying.png