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Starting on Dogcraft
A guide to your first few days on the Dogcraft server & community.
Feel free to ask any [Helper]s or staff for assistance!

This guide will walk you through what you need to do to be able to play on the Dogcraft Server, including linking your Minecraft account to a account and completing the GamerSafer age verification check.

Returning players: If you already have a account and have verified your email address, you can skip straight to the "Verifying your Age" section.


  • Minecraft 1.20.1 installed
  • An iOS (15+) or Android device
  • An email address

Section 1 – Making and Linking a Dogcraft account

1. Launch Minecraft 1.20.1 and add the Dogcraft server (IP address: on the Multiplayer menu.

Dogcraft Linking - Adding the Server.png

2. Select Dogcraft in your Server List and click join. You will be kicked from the server with a link code; make a note of this code.

Dogcraft Linking - Obtaining a Code.png

3. In the web browser on your PC, navigate to and click "Register" in the top menu.

Dogcraft Linking - Register.png

4. Enter your Date of Birth, then click "Next."

Dogcraft Linking - DoB.png

5. Enter the linking code you received earlier, then click "Next."

Dogcraft Linking - Enter Code.png

6. You will now be prompted to create a Dogcraft account. You can choose to register with an email address and password, or by connecting a Discord/Patreon account. Choose one of these options.

Dogcraft Linking - Registration Options.png

7. If you chose to register with an email — Enter an email address and password. Your password must be 8 characters long, contain one uppercase character, one lowercase character, and one symbol. Then, click "Register."

Dogcraft Linking - With an Email.png

After you have completed these steps, a verification email will be sent to your inbox and you will be redirected to the age verification page.

Section 2 – Verifying your email address

8. Check your inbox for a verification email, and click the "Verify Email Address" button. This email can take a couple of minutes to arrive; be sure to check your Spam folder if you can't see it.

Dogcraft Linking - Verify Email.png

9. The email you entered as part of account setup, or the email associated with your Patreon/Discord account will be the one set.

If you need to change this email or you entered it incorrectly, you can navigate to your account settings page ( and change it. Be sure to click the "Save" icon once you have re-entered it, and follow the previous step to verify it.

Dogcraft Linking - Modify Email.png

Section 3 – Verifying your age

10. Once you've created your account, you will be prompted to verify your age in order to play on the public Dogcraft Minecraft Server. You can choose to verify your age at any time by clicking the "Verify Age" button in your account settings page (

Dogcraft Linking - Verification Button.png

11. You will now be presented with a page containing a QR Code and set of instructions on how to verify your age.

On your smart device, you now need to download the GamerSafer app from the App Store (iOS Devices) or Google Play (Android Devices).

Dogcraft Linking - Verification QR.png

12. Open the GamerSafer app. Click the blue "Create" link, located next to the text that says "Don't have an account?." You will be prompted to enter your country and Date of Birth. Enter these and click "Next."

Dogcraft Linking - GS Onboarding.png

13. You will be asked to enter your name, an email address, a username, and a password for your account. Your personal details are only used by GamerSafer for age verification and Dogcraft will not see this information.

Dogcraft Linking - GS Details.png

14. GamerSafer will send a six digit code to the email address you entered. Check your inbox and enter the code they sent you to verify your email.

Dogcraft Linking - GS Email.png

15. It's now time to perform the age verification scan. GamerSafer will ask for permission to use your device's camera, which you should accept.

You will then be prompted to take two selfie pictures using your device's front-facing camera, and it will sometimes ask you to move your camera from side-to-side. This works similarly to how setting up Face ID works on iOS devices.

Dogcraft Linking - GS Face Scan.png

16. After completing the scan, wait for GamerSafer to finish processing, then click through the "Welcome to GamerSafer!" page. You will then arrive at the Home Screen, where you should click "Scan QR-Code to join a Guild." Then, scan the QR code on

Dogcraft Linking - GS QR Code.png

17. Wait about 20-30 seconds, and the page on Dogcraft should be updated. The QR code will be replaced with a message: Please check the home page on the GamerSafer app and accept the guild verification request.

Dogcraft Linking - Verify Guild Invite.png

18. Once this message appears, tap on the "Home" icon in the menu bar on the GamerSafer App. A message from GamerSafer will appear asking you to allow Dogcraft to carry out a Player Verification check — accept this request, and complete the second quick selfie scan as you did previously.

Dogcraft Linking - GS Verification Request.png

19. Wait another 20-30 seconds, and the page on Dogcraft should update again, redirecting you to your account settings page. If all went well, a success message should be displayed stating that verification was successful. If the page has not updated after a few minutes, click "Restart age verification" and try scanning the QR code once again.

Dogcraft Linking - Verification Complete.png

Once you've verified your age, you're done and can connect again to the Dogcraft Server! Enjoy.


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