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Survival 2
WorldSurvival 2
Founded11th December, 2017
Mayor(s)20.png Gawin_Grimm
LocationX= -4500
Y= 64
Z= 3200
NTN Kholinar Tunnel

Kholinar was a town on the Survival 2 world that was founded originally by Gawin_Grimm which was opened on 11ᵗʰ of December 2018. The town featured a simple block layout and plots that were free. It was built directly next to Gawin_Grimm's personal base. The town hosted two building competitions to unite players and gather interest in the city. It had a Nether Transport Network station that connected it to the rest of the world.

Building Contest #1

After modest interest in the town in December and early January, on January 17ᵗʰ, mayor Gawin_Grimm announced a building competition with a prize pool of 50,000 dcd. Other players reacted to the prize for 'best build using diorite', in various manners, and increased the pool for that prize as well as creating a prize for 'best build using granite'. The competition ran from its announcement until the 14ᵗʰ of February. The end prize pool was as follows:

  • First place - 25,000
  • Second place - 15,000
  • Third place - 5,000
  • Mayor's choice - 2,500
  • Best use of diorite - 12,500
  • Best use of granite - 5,000

The results of the contest as judged by anonymous judges were:

  • First place - OldManLP85
  • Second place - xclickitx
  • Third place - heatjr
  • Mayor's choice - AttolaBell
  • Best use of diorite - Shared between Joschija, Aeghu, and Wambertus
  • Best use of granite - Shared between heatjr and zap_plays
  • Best interior - Aeghu (no prize was offered for this award)
    OldManLP85's prize winning house

This building contest was the scene of most of the activity in the town over its lifespan.

Building Contest #2

After the success of the first, a second building competition was announced on the 6ᵗʰ of March. This competition was named 'The Skyline Competition'. Whilst the first had been freestyle and on regular town plots, only seven larger plots would be used for the second. Builds had to be "at least 10 stories tall" and built on the new 32x32 plots. A 130,00 prize pool was offered with the following breakdown:

Builds for 'Skyline' competition
  • First place - 30,000
  • Second place - 20,000
  • Tallest build - 10,000
  • Best interior - 10,000
  • Residents choice - 10,000
  • Building completion - 10,000 (x5)

Although four buildings were completed, there is no evidence that the competition was ever completed by judging the builds, the cause of which is assumed to be Gawin_Grimm's absence at that time. These builds are the last recorded activity in the town.

"Kholinar is a town located at the NTN station of the same name, originally hosting a building competition. With the competition over, the town showcases lots of different styles"

-domi_adam's tour guide summary

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