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Known as: dmgdog
Joined 6th September, 2016
Rejoined: 29th June, 2019
Actvity Active
Server Rank [Mod]
Member of: City of Gaia
Staff Team
Server Information
Projects Nether Transport Network
Bases The Great Orange (sur3)
Erebus (sur3)
City of Gaia (sur4)
 Username History

Hey there, I'm 18.png dmgdog, and I am an active Cyberdog on the Dogcraft Server. I am currently a [Mod] as part of the Staff Team, as well as a Council Member of The City of Gaia.



Survival 1

I joined the Dogcraft server after watching one of ReNDoG's Base Tour videos. I was intrigued that a free-to-play server had such a nice and welcoming community, I had to join later that day, on the 6th September 2016. I was active for 9 months, before splitting off with other Cyberdogs I had met on the server to play on a smaller server. During my time on the server, I enjoyed playing with others, participating in events, and helping the community.
During March 2017, I started to help build the SRN North Line with 18.png darparniox, however, I later left the project due to my inactivity on Dogcraft.
I moved around the server quite a lot during Survival 1, calling 3 main locations "home" of different styles influenced by several YouTuber's I watched at the time. Some of the few screenshots I took are displayed in the gallery below. During November 2016, I started my first major build on the server; Dogcraft Airways, somewhat inspired by 18.png EllenNL's Dogcraft Space Association. This was a solo project, that I soon got burned out of due to the scale of it.
My "main base" location was found after hunting for Hermitrons, a server minigame run by staff, inspired by ReNDoG's on Hermitcraft. The base consisted of a network of custom caves underground, with terraformed cliffs and mountains above ground. Much like many projects, this was halted due to my inactivity. In addition, one of my only complete projects on Survival 1 was my house in Lackria, serving as a Redstone shop and home after being invited by Mayor 18.png William278.

Survival 2

I attended the Survival 2 Launch, which was just before my 1 year on the server. I never set up a base on Survival 2, opting to stay on Survival 1, for the few times I logged in during this period. During November 2017, a fast and expanding city, Havana caught my attention and inquired about a plot from 18.png darparniox. However, soon after completion, I had stopped playing Minecraft altogether. Logging on in February 2018, I announced that I was leaving the community. 18.png marbou9, who was a [ChatMod] at the time offered to help me say goodbye, by burning my diamonds in lava. Handing over the ownership of my Havana build, this was what I thought would be my last time on the server.

Survival 3

I first logged onto Survival 3 on Christmas Day 2018. Unaware the server had reset at this point, I was amazed at the progress it had made in the year I had been inactive. However, I didn't stay for long, promptly again. It wasn't until 29 June 2019 when I watched ReNDoG's tour of the SRN. I immediately got that 'Minecraft Rush' again, inspired by my nostalgia of the great times I had before. I started to become active again, setting up my starter base next to Balaton Station.
I was loving every single day that I played, moving onto my main base, The Great Orange. One of my favourite things to do at this time was the Weekly Dogcraft Spleef League games, which ultimately inspired me to create my own arena at my base.
During the month of August, I participated in Saturday Nitro Live. I had very little experience in this game ( except for a few games in 2017). I had played a couple of practice games a few days before the tournament started, winning 0, and killing 0 players. I had little hope, but I went into it hoping to have a fun time.
To my surprise, the first game I won, with 2 kills! From there, I quickly progressed through the different stages. I was lined up to play 18.png Fraserxx8 in the Semi-Finals, when I got a message from 18.png William278 that ReNDoG would be live streaming this event. Waiting nervously, with around 1,000 views at the time, I managed to scrape through, winning both games. A highlight of this was an elytra dogfight between us.
The finals were also streamed by ReNDoG, on the 31 August 2019. The stakes kept rising, as Twitch viewers kept donating towards the monetary prize pool. Surprisingly, I managed to secure 3rd place, with 18.png Gupta99999 coming 1st, and 18.png Xman404 in 2nd.
During the month of September, I was offered the role of [Helper]. Working closely with the Staff Team, I admired the effort and time they put into this fantastic community.