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The Dogcraft Wiki's goal is to be the definitive source of information for everything about the Dogcraft Minecraft Server, Discord, Website and fan community of ReNDoG. The Wiki should be able to serve as a point of reference for both new players seeking to find out more about us as well as veterans wanting to learn about our history. To reach this goal, the Dogcraft Wiki is able to be edited by anyone with a free account; everyone is able to contribute to help improve the site.

These Wiki Guidelines serve to help accomplish this goal by outlining the best practices to take when editing here as well as explaining the various facets of the project. However, they are not absolute (with exception to vandalism, which is prohibited by Rule #29); rather they are in place to act as a frame of reference or help document to make the most of your contributions. If you'd like additional assistance with editing, please feel free to ask on the Dogcraft Wiki discord.


Page Types

The Wiki contains a number of different page types across a few different Namespaces. For information on how to write different types of pages, click the links below:

  • Articles - Main content pages containing information about various topics.
  • Guides - Tutorial pages describing how to complete a task.
  • User Pages - Where users can write about themselves and show off their content.

Policies & Information

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