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Reflections 2020

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This event has concluded: Reflections 2020 has concluded! Thank you for participating. This page is now in an archived state.
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After the previously successful Reflections 2019 event that the wiki team ran in January of this year, we are looking to repeat this year. Announcing the Reflections 2020 event! This event helps drive awareness and engagement with the wiki, increasing editing and article creation, and ultimately assisting in achieving one of our perpetual goals - maintaining a record of the rich history of our server.

The ‘reflections’ event format is a length of time in which editing the wiki will come with certain bonus rewards (detailed below). It is placed at the new year to reflect on and immortalise the happenings of the previous year on the Dogcraft server. The event will run from January 1st, 2021 until January 31st, 2021.

A particular focus for this year’s event will be placed on creation of base articles. These are currently present on the wiki but not in true proportion to other categories of articles. While also addressing this, we hope to better tap into the majority Dogcraft population who are not part of group projects. This demographic is rather unfortunately underrepresented in our current community of editors currently.

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Dogcraft Server rewards

  • A unique player head for completing an article about a player base
  • 10,000Đ for the best base articles
  • A handful of ‘book’ custom player heads for anyone who edits
  • 10,000Đ for the most active editor(s)
  • 10,000Đ for the best expansion(s) to an existing page(s)

Wiki rewards

  • A special ‘reflecting on 2020’ trophy added to your user page on the wiki for anyone who edits
  • A special ‘reflecting on 2020 prize’ trophy added to your user page on the wiki for Đ prize winners

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