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After previously successful wiki reflections events, we are re-introducing the format to memorialise the Survival 4 era of the Dogcraft server. This event helps drive awareness and engagement with the wiki, increasing editing and article creation, and ultimately assisting in achieving one of our perpetual goals - maintaining a record of the rich history of our server.

The ‘reflections’ event format is a length of time in which editing the wiki will come with certain bonus rewards (detailed below). The event will run from January 9th, 2021 until the arrival of Survival 5 worlds at a currently unknown future date.

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Wiki rewards

  • A special ‘reflecting on 2021’ trophy added to your user page on the wiki for anyone who edits.
  • A special ‘reflecting on 2021’ trophy added to your user page on the wiki for prize category winners.

Dogcraft Server rewards

These rewards will be given out after the initial rush of the upcoming 1.18 Survival worlds. These are subject to final change, since the timeframe and details of these worlds are not currently confirmed.

  • Unique custom shield for any contribution
  • Unique spyglass awarded to the most active editor
  • Unique spyglass awarded to the creator(s) of the best new page
  • Unique spyglass awarded to the editor of the best update to an existing page

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