The Cog

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The Cog
Survival 2
The Cog Final.png
Final shot of The Cog
WorldSurvival 2
Builder(s)20.png OldManLP85

The Cog was the base of OldManLP85 on the Survival 2 world of the Dogcraft Server.


A long time ago, in a survival world, not 1 or 3, but 2, Oldman was after a challenge. With never making a guardian farm before, (and liking the look of dark prismarine), he set out in search of a guardian temple.


The Saga Begins

After settling on a small island next to a guardian temple, Oldman quickly realised, he had no idea what he was doing. So with some quick research out of the way, he decided that a “plus” shaped guardian farm, made out of resting blocks, was the best option. OldMan went about, measuring spaces, and marking positions, and eventually settling on a 97block radius circle, centred on the guardian temple.

Now this was no easy feat, and would take the next several months, so, as time went on, and base progression was sought, Oldman started adding other features.

  • First was a giant wooden walkway around the hole.
  • Second was a giant Clock tower.

The Clock-Tower

Soon to be the signature piece of the base, the clock tower reached up to y162, and featured a giant globe at the top, surrounded by swirling bars, giving movement to an ever stagnant Minecraft world.

The Farms

Eventually, enough water was removed the guardian farm commenced. And so started the flow of guardians, filling Oldmans pockets, with all things prismarine. Next came the storage house, as buildings were built out of necessity, followed by an iron farm.

The Storage House

The iron farm, perched atop the guardian farm was a unique thought to farm both at the same time. Alas, it never joined together, however just 2 separate farms, in the same chunk. To disguise the farms, a floating steampunk house was erected, and connected to the outer walkway, by a windy bridge.

Other builds, that came to pass, included:

  • Melon/Pumpkin Farm
  • Cow Farm
  • Sugarcane Farm
  • Nether Portal house
  • Netherwart Farm
  • Cactus Farm
  • Museum of antiquities

The Conclusion

In October of 2018 it was announced that the world was ending, but rewind 1 week, and you’ll find Oldman was planning a steampunk castle, so he could finally move out of the storage house. Setting work at placing some foundations, Oldman started with the grand entry stairs, however, the world was coming to an end, so work halted, whilst photos were taken, and preparations for Survival 3 They Must be Billions