Swamp Station

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Swamp Station
Survival 1
2018-07-13 22.06.46.png
WorldSurvival 1
NetworkSurvival Railway Network (Survival 1)
LineEast Line
OpenedJuly 2017
Builder(s)20.png Aeghu
LocationX= 5960
Y= 62
Z= 500
ConnectionsMain-line connections1 Branch connections0

Swamp Station was the third station on the SRN's East Line in Survival 1. Predictably located in a Swamp biome, Swamp Station was the final stop on its line.


Although using a rather standard design for Survival 1 SRN stations, the main design point of Swamp Station was its substantial elytra launch platform in the form of a custom oak tree. It also contained other original ground-level elements, predominately wooden.


The completion of Swamp Station was the only substantial SRN activity after the announcement of Survival 2. Therefore, it was the final station of Survival 1.

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