East Station (Survival 1)

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East Station (Survival 1)
Survival 1
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WorldSurvival 1
NetworkSurvival Railway Network (Survival 1)
LineEast Line
OpenedEst. May 2016~
Builder(s)20.png _edo
LocationX= 2108
Y= 64
Z= 389
ConnectionsMain-line connections3 

East Station was the first SRN station along the east line on the Survival 1 world of the Dogcraft.net Minecraft Server. The station, which was located near a swamp and plains biome, provided access to railways to the town of Lackria as well as further eastward to Pyramid Station. Wood and sheep farms to be used for both SRN & NTN purposes were located adjacent to the station.


The design of East Station was the blueprint for many other later SRN stations. For this reason, it was perhaps the most generic example of the style, using stone as it's main component. The most notable design feature of East Station was its third platform on the northern end, which began the line to Lackria Station.


The final location for East Station was a topic of much discussion. East Station was originally built slightly north-east of the existing station. The unused original and old section of line was still standing at the close of Survival 1.

The wood farm adjacent to the station was constructed shortly after the station proper to accommodate a growing need for spruce as the SRN grew in reach. A sandstone to red sandstone converter for the eastern desert rail section was built by the then east line builder, RavenSkyHawk69, bizarrely, with initial admin consent. It is unknown but assumed that this was revoked shortly after. The wool farm followed some time after, and was primarily used for NTN purposes.

In May 2017, plans were put in place for an official track design example in an underground showcase room on the station claim, but these were abandoned with the announcement of the Survival 2 world.

East Line (Survival 1)
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MrAnonymous' Base
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TTARI's base
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