Spawn Station (Survival 1)

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Spawn Station
2018-07-13 00.56.09.png
World Survival 1
Network Survival Railway Network (Survival 1)
Line North Line
East Line
South Line
West Line
Location X=1014
Builder(s) b9540394-45da-4064-89c2-28d636a4230b?size=20.png _edo,
20.png Mr_Dawgie,
20.png LAK3RS
Opened April 2016
Station Stats
N° of Main Lines 4
N° of Secondary Lines 0

Spawn Station was the central station for the Survival Railway Network (SRN) in the Survival world. It was located in Spawn City.


The Station featured the large Grannydog's Monument as a centerpiece for the station below. The site was surrounded by one of the oldest pieces of building in Spawn City, a wall on the South and East sides built by Chestpain and JackEngy77, part of the land that headmods deemed to be reused for the monument.

The Station itself was a rather symmetrical build, with stairs leading up to a quartz structure. The station courtyard containd a large map of the greater spawn area (a pre-cursor to the future Great Survival Map), as well as a thank-you wall and skeleton horses stables.


The building now known as Spawn Station was originally a project led by Mr_Dawgie and LAK3RS, aiming to reproduce the Grannydog's Monument, as seen in ReNDoG's original survival series, in 2:1 scale. _edo, a prominent figure in Spawn City, identified the project as an ideal location for the centre of a perspective railway network. In mid April 2016, Spawn Station was completed underneath the finished monument and became the first ever SRN railway station.

Network Links

Spawn Station had lines departing in all four cardinal directions. The four lines went to the following SRN stations: