Stream Station

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Stream Station
2018-07-17 20.04.13.png
World Survival 1
Network Survival Railway Network (Survival 1)
Line West Line
Location X=-187
Builder(s) 20.png _edo
Opened Approx. August 2016~
Station Stats
N° of Main Lines 1

Stream Station was a station on the SRN West Line of Survival 1. It connected the boom town of Stream Town via a railway line running north of West Station.


Stream Station was a relatively small station, with very few defining features except for being underground and partially obscured because of the town hall above it.


Stream Station was conceptualized early into the SRN project, as the birth of both it and Stream Town coincided in around May 2016.

Initial plans were made for a railway station early into the town's success. However, efforts to complete the station were troubled by builder miscommunications. It is currently unknown who the final design is attributed to.

By the time Stream Station was fully functional, the 'boom' of Stream Town was largely over, which unfortunately limited the use of the station and line. At the time, intentions were to continue the line through the station northward and/or westward. These plans never eventuated, though they do explain the second minecart dispenser at the station's platform.

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