North Station (Survival 1)

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North Station
Survival 1
2018-07-13 00.57.50.png
WorldSurvival 1
NetworkSurvival Railway Network (Survival 1)
LineNorth Line
OpenedEst. June 2016
Builder(s)20.png darparniox
20.png _edo
LocationX= 979
Y= 66
Z= -332
ConnectionsMain-line connections2 

North Station was the first Station along the North Line of the Survival Railway Network (SRN) in Survival 1. It was located in a well populated plains biome. The station provided access to the active end portal of the world in addition to continuing North Line toward Mesa Station.


The station was mostly comprised of spruce and acacia and featured elaborate beamwork in place of a ceiling. In the north-west corner, a short path lead to an end portal. A nether portal providing access to the NTN was located on the west side of the building. The station appeared to fit the surrounding builds well, although it is not known whether this was a deliberate design decision.


Construction of the station was initially the work of 20.png darparniox, with the existing rustic style and structure mainly attributed to 20.png _edo.

North Station is believed to be the second SRN station to be built, outside of Spawn Station.

North Line (Survival 1)
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TIcon SRB ITC N.png
FredRaket's Base


  • North Station did not contain an access door to it's minecart dispenser storage, which has since become customary. One needed to break through the skeleton horse stable wall to access the dispensers.

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