Mesa Station

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Mesa Station (Survival 1)
Survival 1
2018-07-13 01.11.04.png
WorldSurvival 1
NetworkSurvival Railway Network (Survival 1)
LineNorth Line
OpenedSeptember 2016
Builder(s)20.png darparniox
20.png _edo
LocationX= 788
Y= 64
Z= -2456
ConnectionsMain-line connections2 Branch connections1

Mesa Station was the second station along the North Line of the Survival Railway Network, built in a Mesa Biome by 20.png darparniox and 20.png _edo. It continued the line further to Soms Station, and included a secondary platform to 20.png FredRaket's base.


Mesa Station used a design very typical of Survival 1 SRN stations, with a domed glass roof and open walls. This example included the sandstone variants as it's main palette.


Mesa Station was believed to be the first station to be the second stop along it's line in any direction. As it provided access directly to a mesa biome, the biome became very susceptible to surface mining, despite efforts to protect it.

An early elytra race was conducted with it's start point at the station, and finishing at Lackria. A party stand complete with DJ and firework display were constructed for the occasion, both of which were still visible at the end of Survival 1.

As was frequent with SRN stations, heavy building activity ensued around it. 20.png Bunderella's base was the largest and most complete example of this.

North Line (Survival 1)
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FredRaket's Base