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This page covers a number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the website, community & Minecraft server.

General FAQs

What is is a fan-site dedicated to YouTuber ReNDoG, a place for all Cyberdogs to unite and connect, a home for the community. We offer a Minecraft server where you can connect with other Cyberdogs, a Discord server where you can chat with others, overseen by a staff team dedicated to make everyone feel like they belong and treats each other with respect and kindness. If you'd like to learn more about our community, we also have the Wiki, where you can learn about who we are and what we have done.
Who is ReNDoG?
This website is dedicated to ReNDoG. Most of you will probably know who he is, but in case you don't, we'll introduce him to you. ReNDoG is a youtuber who focuses on producing child friendly content for anyone to enjoy. His content is primarily Minecraft, but he's uploaded plenty of content on other amazing games as well. He's also a proud member of Hermitcraft and often collaborates on videos with his fellow Hermitcraft members.
Where do I find ReNDoG and Hermitcraft?
ReNDoG's social links can be found here:
What is a Cyberdog?
ReNDoG calls his viewers cyberdogs, if you watch his videos, his streams, follow him on Twitter or Facebook, support him on Patreon, are a member of or anything else, you're a cyberdog. Welcome to the pack, you're more than welcome!
What are the rules?
Being part of an online community, a website or anything of the like does often mean there are some rules that need to be followed. The same can be said about Dogcraft. The rules we have, have been set up by ReNDoG and the Staff Team to ensure the community is as pleasant as it can be for its members. Please take the time to carefully read through them so you can make sure you don't accidentally break them. Not abiding by these rules may result in a warning or ban.

Link: Rules
What are Dogcraft Dollars?
The DogCraft Dollar (DCD) is a form of currency used on Dogcraft and can be obtained in various ways. On the Minecraft Server, the symbol Đ also denotes the currency. Your balance can be viewed in game through the /balance command or on the main website in your profile.

Link: Dogcraft Dollars
Where do I go when I need some help?
This FAQ section is a good place to start, you'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions. Furthermore, you can view our series of guides we have available on performing important tasks, such as linking your account and claiming land. Finally, you can also search for a topic on the Dogcraft Wiki through the search bar in the top right.

If you have a more serious issue, please do not hesitate to contact a member of staff. Staff can be found on the Dogcraft Discord, so feel free to message them. They are also available on the server, denoted by their special ranks on the server.
Someone just broke a rule! Help, what do I do?
Even though the community is moderated and people mostly abide by the rules, this can unfortunately happen at times. The best course of action is to first check if a member of staff is around and working on it. If so, you should have nothing to worry about. If not, document the offence by taking a screenshot and messaging a member of staff, or using the report function available on the main site.

The issue will be looked into as soon as possible and we thank you for your help, it is appreciated. We strongly advise against dealing with the issue yourself to prevent you from getting warned for back-seat moderating, but if you can't resist the urge, please continue with caution and the awareness you might be breaking a rule yourself.
I've got a suggestion for the site/server/ReNDoG! Where do I go?
We welcome any and all suggestions from our members, we might not always use them, but we do take note of them and they do always inspire us to keep improving the Cyberdog community to the best of our abilities. So feel free to share your ideas and suggestions! To do so, you can either visit the suggestions page through the button below or directly contact a staff member who can pass it forward.

Link: Make a Suggestion
I've found a bug! What do I do?
Bugs are unavoidable, but the sooner we know about them, the faster they can be fixed, so let us know! Report them using the button below or contact a staff member.

Link: File a Bug Report
How do I get the StacyPlays Dogcraft modpack?
If you are here because you are looking for information regarding StacyPlays' Modded Minecraft Series, we aren't actually affiliated with StacyPlays. We just share the name with her Minecraft series and modpack. This is a fan-site for another great Minecraft YouTuber, ReNDoG. Feel free to check him out and join us Cyberdogs. You're more than welcome to stay.

To help you along in your journey for information, this is a list of mods she uses or has used:

This list was sourced from the StacyPlays Wiki, which has since been closed. It may not be fully complete or up-to-date, but hopefully it can prove to be helpful.
Where do I find public Announcements?
We make regular public announcements on the Dogcraft Discord, in the #announcements channel. You can join the discord through the button below. However, if you don't have Discord and wish to stay up-to-date you can still view announcements on the Announcements Page.

Link: Announcements Page, Discord Server, Dogcraft on Twitter
How can I apply for Moderator?
Occasionally, we open applications to allow helpful Cyberdogs to become a moderator; either on the Dogcraft Discord or on the Dogcraft server. We will post application forms on Discord when the time comes to recruit, so please check the #announcements channel for news and updates. Please do keep in mind there are a few guidelines to being a Moderator:

  • You are 18 years old
  • You are an active member of the Server/Community
  • You are a mature, objective individual

Age Verification FAQs

This section contains frequently asked questions about our Age Verification system. Dogcraft partners with GamerSafer to verify users' ages, which all Cyberdogs must complete before joining the server.

What will I need to do to play on Survival 6?
Starting December 16, existing Cyberdogs will see an option in their account settings prompting them to verify their age on our Website by scanning a QR code with the GamerSafer App. Please check our Wiki Guide for a look at the new process, available here: Guide:Account_Linking.
Why are we doing this?
Rendog requested we introduced an age verification measure to provide him peace of mind beyond reasonable doubt that the implementation of our 18+ minimum age rule would be effective. The reality is that the risks of children coming into harms way interacting with strangers are far greater than they were when Dogcraft first opened its doors.

As the server's owner and operator, Ren remains liable should something terrible happen to a child playing on Dogcraft, and the implementation of an age verification system was deemed necessary as part of the risk assessment carried out by him. The process of selecting GamerSafer has involved consulting with various stakeholders, including volunteers with professional experience, other Hermit communities as well as representatives from GamerSafer.
What about my privacy?
Dogcraft will not collect or have any access to any personal information. This includes your face scan; GamerSafer will not store your photo directly; only as irreversible abstract biometric data points. The only information we get back from GamerSafer is an age category (child, teen, adult) and a confidence rate in that category (high, medium, low). GamerSafer is a reputable company who partners with Mojang to run the official Minecraft Server List and already works with other Hermit communities to help ensure player safety.

Dogcraft also does not pass GamerSafer any data, such as your Minecraft or Microsoft account. During linking, your Dogcraft and GamerSafer accounts are linked, nothing else. During that process, Dogcraft doesn't find out what your GamerSafer account is - we receive a unique account ID from GamerSafer, only used to tie your GamerSafer account specifically to Dogcraft. (So, for example, if you played on both Dogcraft and VintageBeef's servers, both would receive a different account ID from GamerSafer)
Is this system robust/fair? How does it work?
GamerSafer uses a machine learning algorithm based on your face. This is checked against the date of birth you gave to give an age category (child, teen, adult) and confidence score (high, medium, low). Dogcraft will use this to verify that we believe you are old enough to play. This system is robust, well-researched and has been tested on many different face types and demographics.

The machine learning algorithms used here and generative AI (like ChatGPT, DALL · E or other language models and image generation models), while both under the general umbrella of "AI" are not the same technology. The machine learning the GamerSafer app uses for age verification is more similar to the identification systems used by some banks. A GamerSafer rep has stated that they do no send data to any generative AI either.[1]
Why GamerSafer?
Using a third-party age verification tool was necessary, as doing it ourselves would have been immensely complex and impractical. Age verification involves handling protected personal data, and falls under various different rules and laws in various regions. (Such as the GDPR in the European Union, or the CCPA in California.) Handling it ourselves directly through staff (such as submitting IDs to staff, doing video calls or even creating our own age verification software) would have required signing privacy disclaimers every time, and is well beyond the resources of our volunteer staff team.

GamerSafer was recommended to Dogcraft by various people, including other Hermit communities and the company is also partnered with Mojang to run the official Minecraft Server List. Most other alternatives on the market cost thousands of dollars monthly, which is beyond Dogcraft's means. Before selecting GamerSafer, several alternatives were considered and explored in-depth over several months, including measures which would have ended up restricting the server behind a paywall. Ultimately, GamerSafer was selected as the most suitable to Dogcraft's needs.
Will I only have to do this once?
Yes, only once.
Does Dogcraft pay for GamerSafer?
Dogcraft pays GamerSafer a standard monthly fee (which we are unable to disclose at this time); our partnership simply entails paying GamerSafer in return for their service and beyond working with them for help integrating our account system with their API, there is no further nuance to our business.

If you have further questions about age verification on Dogcraft, you can get in touch with us by opening a ticket. If you're struggling to link your account and verify your age, please use the #linking-helpdesk channel on Discord.

Minecraft Server FAQs

What is the Cyberdog Nation Server?
The Cyberdog Nation Server is a Minecraft Multiplayer Server setup by ReNDoG available to all users, and it is 100% free for you to join and enjoy! There are a lot of amazing surprises from ReNDoG's Minecraft Survival world for you to discover!

The Server offers the same community feel the Site does, so everyone is welcome to join. It is the perfect place to play some Multiplayer Minecraft with the rest of the Cyberdogs. An amazing Staff team is in place to ensure you all feel safe and have a place to call home.
What does the Server have to offer?
The Server has a lot to offer besides an amazing, well moderated community, there are different Minecraft Game Modes and worlds for you to play and explore. Currently, the server has:

Link: Worlds
How do I start playing?
As you log in to the Server, you arrive in what is known as the Hub, this is a central place that allows you to join a Game Mode by using /servers and selecting a world. Some information is given to you in the form of books and Chat messages, so keep an eye out for those!

You can now join a Game Mode and start your adventure. Make sure you Link Your Minecraft Account to your Dogcraft.Net Account, this is required for the best experience. Check the Guide on linking through the button below to get started.

Link: Guide to Linking
What commands can I use?
There are a number of commands available on the server. You can view a full list by clicking the link below, but here are some great commands to get you started:
  • /dclink - Used for linking your account to the website
  • /servers - Select what game mode you want to play
  • /spawn - Teleport to spawn
  • /mall - Teleport to the Survival Mall
  • /tpa (player) - Ask another player if you can teleport to them
  • /tpaccept - Accept another player's request to teleport to you
  • /helpop (message) - Send a message to online staff members
  • /msg (player) (message) - Send a private message to another player
  • /mail send (player) (message) - Send a private message to any offline player
  • /back - Return to where you died or where you teleported from (world specific)
  • /home (name) - Teleports you to that home
  • /sethome - Opens a GUI that allows you to set a home
  • /hub - Return to the Server Hub

Link: List of Commands
What ranks does the Server have?
The Server has a few different ranks for players to have, these are colour coded to make identifying them easier. These are the ranks and their corresponding colors. More detail on the ranks can be found by clicking through below.
  • [CyberDog]
  • [Patreon] (In various tiers; Iron, Gold, Emerald & Diamond)
  • [Pioneer]
  • [Helper]
  • [DiscordMod]
  • [DisHeadMod]
  • [ChatMod]
  • [Mod]
  • [HeadMod]
  • [WebAdmin]
  • [Admin]
  • [EnderGod] (Owner)
Link: Ranks
I have been banned from the server. Now what?
Unfortunately, most bans given on the Minecraft Server are permanent. However, if you truly regret doing what you did to get yourself banned and promise to never make the same mistake again, you can either submit a ban appeal via the button below or send a private Discord message to a server
 ⬤  Head Mod 
; either 20.png briggsmech, 20.png Princess223 or 20.png Summerflower1234 (if messaging more than one, please add all names to the one message).

They will look over the events, discuss it with the rest of Staff, and a resolution might be found. If you have received a temporary ban, you may also appeal in the same way to reduce your sentence.

Link: Create a Ban Appeal
When is the Server being updated to the latest version?
A new version of Minecraft is out? Awesome! When will the Server update? Unfortunately, updating a Server isn't as easy as updating your Minecraft client; a lot more goes into it than meets the eye. Most Minecraft Servers, including ours, use a lot of plugins to make the server work the way it does. All of these need to be updated to work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Some of those are under our control, but for most plugins we need to wait for the developers to release a new version. These new versions all need to be stable and bug-free. After that they all need to be installed and tested on the Server to make sure everything works as it should, this takes a lot of time and effort. All in all, we can't tell exactly when the Server will be updated, but we try our best to get it done as fast as possible, but most importantly as smoothly as possible. Please be patient and keep an eye out on the Dogcraft Discord #announcements channel for any information!

Link: Discord Server
Is the Server down? Is down?
Maintenance is typically pre-announced in our Discord, so if you think the server or website is down check the announcements channel for any maintenance postings first. If nothing has been announced, you can check our service status page here. Thank you for your patience.

Link: Service Status, Discord Server
What mods are allowed to be used on the Server?
We only allow a select list of performance enhancing and cosmetic mods on the Dogcraft Server, such as Optifine and Sodium and you may only utilize the Fabric or Optifine built-in mod loaders. The full list of allowed mods is available here. This page also contains information about how to install the allowed mods. Use of mods not on the whitelist is prohibited.
What Mobs can drop heads on the server?
The Dogcraft Server uses a custom plugin to allow mobs to drop their heads. For a complete list of every collectible head, please visit the page below by clicking the button. Link: List of Heads
Does ReNDoG play on the Server?
Yes, he occasionally streams UHC events from the server or just gets on to have a chat with the community. Keep an eye out on his Twitter for updates on when he's going to be starting a stream from the server! However, be advised, he does not do this very often as he is extremely busy; so please don't join with that expectation in mind.
What is the Helper rank and how is it obtained?
The [Helper] rank is a special rank held by three unique people each month. The purpose of this rank is to grant players who the staff have observed to be very helpful in the community the ability to help players with basic tasks. The tasks include helping new players to link, showing them around, helping them with commands and overall provide general information about the server. Every month, the helpers are selected by the Headmods, usually on the first of the month, and otherwise a few days later if there's any delay. It is important to note that this is not a staff rank, it is a title. The Head Moderators introduced this rank to take some of the workload off the moderators, especially in busy times such as when Rendog is streaming on the server. It cannot be applied for in any way, however if you wish to become one, being an extremely helpful rule-abiding Cyberdog is a great way to start!

Link: About Helpers

Discord FAQs

How do I join the Dogcraft Discord?
Click the link below to be invited to the discord, or enter the invite code "".

Link: Discord Server
What are the roles on the Dogcraft Discord?
There are a number of roles available on the Dogcraft Discord. For a full list, please use the button below.

Link: Roles on the Dogcraft Discord
Can I plug my YouTube and Twitch videos?
You may use the #shameless-plugs channel to share your content with other Cyberdogs! In this channel, you may tag @Content to ping players who have opted-in to shameless plug pings. However, do note that we do not allow the advertising of other servers in this channel, and all content must be suitable for PG-13 audiences.
How do I "opt-out" of being pinged in #shameless-plugs?
To opt-out of being pinged by Cyberdogs sharing their content in #shameless-plugs, use the "Channels & Roles" menu located at the top of the server and deselect the @Content option. This will remove the
 ⬤  Content 
role from you and stop you from being pinged. If you wish to add the content role back, simply re-select the option again.

Patreon and Twitch FAQs

I have become a Patreon of ReNDoG but my role has not updated. How do I fix this?
Thank you for supporting ReNDoG and the Dogcraft community! In order to ensure your role is correctly set on Discord, please ensure that your Patreon account is linked with your Discord account. This process is fairly simple, and Discord provides a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this. Please click the link below to learn how to do this.

Link: Patreon Help Page
I am now an Emerald or Diamond tier Patreon. How do I access the Patreon Server?
Thank you for your support! To gain access to the Patreon server, you will need to do the following:
  • Link your Patreon and account
  • Link your Minecraft and account

This is in addition to linking your Patreon and Discord account, as outlined by the steps below. If that seems overwhelming, don't panic! We have a dedicated guide on how to do this below.

Link: Guide to Patreon Linking
I have subscribed to ReNDoG on Twitch! How do I get my K-9 role?
Thank you for your support! The K-9 role is automatically given to Twitch subscribers along with a role indicating your subscription tier. You must link your Discord and Twitch accounts together to get this.

Link: Linking Twitch & Discord


  1., Discord message from a GamerSafer rep in the Dogcraft Discord
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