Dressrosa Station

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Dressrosa Station
2018-07-13 22.40.24.png
World Survival 1
Network SRN
Line South Line
Location X=1690
Builder(s) b9540394-45da-4064-89c2-28d636a4230b?size=20.png _edo
9692e815-58c1-45c0-a505-cad65c48ed89?size=20.png darparniox
20.png Wietselubbers
Opened May, 2017
Station Stats
N° of Main Lines 1

Dressrosa Station was the second station along the SRN South Line headed from Spawn. Situated near to FilipinoTurtle's town build of Dressrosa, this was the final station along it's line.


The station used a warehouse-esque design, with two entrance/exit features that mimicked the prevailing SRN station design of the time. It featured multiple look-outs, one on the roof for elytra takeoff, and one on the east side, which also doubled as a platform for secondary lines.


Built somewhere in the latter months of 2016, the initial Dressrosa Station design featured a platform attached the east side of the building that was the existing platform. Stairs to the existing station connected the two. The station (and indeed almost all of the South to Dressrosa line) was revamped entirely in 2017 for the official opening. It was decided that the dual platform and adjacent build design was unnecessary, and that the then-confusing wooden build was a better option for the main platform.

The existing station was given a new interior layout and several adjustments to improve it's deceptively unsymmetrical structure. The basement was also cleaned up to accommodate a new minecart system. The old main platform was demolished due its unsatisfactory aesthetic value.

A secondary line was planned, but was never completed due to player inactivity.

The defunct eastern plaform

South Line


  • Of all SRN stations, the longest time taken between opening its predecessor on a line and it is the gap between South and Dressrosa Stations - approximately a year.
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