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Hey! I'm 20.png darparniox 70.png Username: darparniox

Base: Takeshi
About: One of three Admins here. Perennial public project player since 2015. Edit this templateWIP User page
, or more commonly known as darp.

About Me

  • I've been on the server since just after the public launch in late 2015. It was my return to minecraft and I haven't really left since. My first base was set up in Survival 1 Spawn City and through this I came into contact with the SRN for the first time, which opened my eyes to public projects. I was appointed conductor of the SRN in February 2017 and held that position through multiple worlds until midway through 2020. In Survival 2, I was a mayor of Havana, which would be my favourite place ever on the server. In early 2019 I became a very active wiki editor, attempting to archive much of what I know about the first two Survival worlds in particular, and became an Administrator here soon after. I've been involved in a few server spawns, mostly the Basin of Survival 3 but have also had a small hand in the Survival 2 and both Survival 4 iterations. During Survival 4, I was also a founding member of Takeshi, a town created by former Havana members and continued to serve the SRN as a Beagle line manager
  • I've been lucky enough to be featured in two videos with ReNDoG, one for Havana in April 2018 and another for the SRN in April 2019 (although it was released in June). I've also been a referee on Saturday Nitro Live, Nitro: Season 2 & 3, of which the first two were streamed by Ren.
  • None of this leaves much time for any personal projects! I've always preferred to work with people in everything I do on Dogcraft since the early days and don't plan to stop. I've met some great friends and I highly recommend getting involved with others.
  • In the Survival 5 era, I am continuing my work here as well as currently serving as Akita North Line manager for the SRN.

Name FAQ

  • You can pronounce it however you feel like, I think of it as dar-par-nwah. I am aware that my french is crap! I created darp in an earlier time and the (mis)spelling has stuck.

Some of my favourite stuff that you should check out

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