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20.png darparniox 70.png Username: darparniox

Base: Takeshi
About: One of three Admins here. Perennial public project player since 2015. Edit this templateWIP User page

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  • Once clicked, click on "Edit", and start filling out the fields.
  • Your Wiki Username, Ingame Name, and something in the About section are required, you can blank everything else if you don't want it to appear.
  • Only fill out "Baselink" if your base's name and the name of the page about your base are not the same. (Eg: If you have a base called "Circle" and a page about it called "Circle", you don't need to fill out "baselink". If the page about your base is called "The Circle" however, you do need to fill it out.)
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  • If you did everything correctly, the page will load in with your Ingame name and your skin's face, and if you hover it, the rest of your info should appear.
  • If you need help with it, feel free to contact a Wiki Admin on the Dogcraft Discord (@Wiki Admin) or the Wiki Discord! (There is an invite on the login page)
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