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Server Rank[ChatMod]
Further RolesAkita South Line Manager - SRN Project Lead of the Path Network Group
BasesSavannah Homestead (Sur 1)

Treelar Island (Sur 2)

M-Bay (Sur 4 Husky)

Lakeworks (Sur 5 Akita)

Hello, I am Montenator!

About Me

My name is Montenator (more commonly known as Monty) and I live in Scotland. I joined the Dogcraft server in 2017 and was active throughout the last few months of Sur 1 and the entirety of Sur 2. I would go on hiatus at the start of the Sur 3 world but would return in April 2020 when Survival 4 launched. I have been an active Cyberdog ever since and like to document lots of my memories of the server on my Youtube channel.

On Dogcraft

  • I have been a fan of Hermitcraft since 2014. I was introduced to Rendog when he joined the server in early 2016, at the start of Hermitcraft Season 4. I had been wanting to be a part of a survival SMP series like Hermitcraft for a long time and decided to check out Rendog's survival fan server that he advertised at the start of his videos.

Survival 1

  • I joined Dogcraft in mid-2017 and journeyed 3000 blocks out to set up a base in a savannah biome near the base of 20.png Siadina. I quickly set up a starter house and a small crop farm. Not being particularly good at Minecraft back then, my armour was traditionally a mismatch of iron and diamond gear, some I had enchanted myself and others that were cast offs that other players kindly donated.
  • My Survival 1 base consisted of a variety of smaller builds such as some wig-wams, a large animal barn, and an auto sugar cane farm. The builds don't really hold up well today, but you can still find a block for block recreation of my Survival 1 home behind M-Bay on the Husky server.

Survival 2

  • Back in the day player count seldom creeped above 20 during peak hours, and it wasn't uncommon to find you being the only person online during off hours, so you can imagine how strange it was when upwards of 40 players attended to opening of Survival 2.
  • Unlike Survival 1, the Sur 2 spawn town was heavily built up by the server build team, and featured many pre-made plots for players to set up starter bases in. The season started with Ren leading us on a quest to defeat the ender dragon. We all got geared up at the stronghold but would soon become sitting ducks when we lost all our gear when going through the end portal, leaving it up to Ren and the admins to battle the dragon while the other players ran for their lives.
  • I decided to set up nearer Spawn during Sur 2, setting up about 1000 blocks due north of Spawn City. I started my base which was named Treelar Island, initially a small island of the coast of a dark oak forest, but later I expanded and claimed the forest too. Notable builds in that base include the main Treelar Island, my nearby monastery and my summer cabins at the edge of the forest. Greenfield Station would also be constructed by 20.png darparniox in the plains biome behind my base, giving Treelar Island a direct connection to the North Line.
  • At the start of Sur 2 I joined the SRN team but was relatively inactive there until Sur 4. During the waning months of Sur 2, I struggled to find motivation on the world, that combined with some trouble re-linking my account when the server updated, resulted in me beginning my long hiatus from Dogcraft.

Survival 3

  • After being inactive for over a year and a half, I started finding the desire to return to Dogcraft. In February of 2020, I made a return on the Survival 3 world, which at this point was nearly wrapping up too. It was at this time I brought my IRL friend 20.png N1cM4tth3w63 onto Dogcraft as well. We decided to start a base nearby Barrier station but due to the Sur 3 world being up for over a year, I found myself overwhelmed at the progress of everyone else and very quickly lost motivation to play again. After exploring the SRN, which I always loved, I concluded my time on the Survival 3 world.

Survival 4

  • I still loosely followed the Dogcraft discord, so when I saw 20.png Scooberson's announcement that a new survival world would be beginning I started to consider returning to the server, finally being on a level playing field with everyone else. After two weeks of indecision, I returned to the Dogcraft server in late April 2020 and started a base on the Survival 4 Husky world, roughly 4k blocks Northwest of Camp Husky.
  • After a week I asked N1c if he would like to return, he accepted, and we began to start a joint settlement. However, both of us had conflicting ideas on what we wanted to do with the area, eventually resulting in us going our separate ways with N1c opting to build a medieval castle, while I built a modern mansion. However, in May I could already feel burnout setting in, I needed a brand-new project I could invest lots of hours in. So, in mid-May 2020, I started my first survival mega-base, M-Bay, just south of my current area. M-Bay is currently still under construction and is built around a large mountainside bay. The base still has a long way to go but it is has become a landmark in the north-western area around Spawn. M-Bay now has connections to the RHN, as well as an SRN connection under construction, with planned connections to the NTN and CSC once it gets underway.
  • I have since teamed up with 20.png LazyNine, 20.png ElliotTheRedd and N1c to bring the popular Dogcraft Hunger Games event to the server. I also set up a Youtube channel which documents server events and created my own Hermitcraft Recap style show - 'This Week on Dogcraft' which covers the streaming/ content creation aspect of the server.
  • In January 2021 I approached darparniox about building the 3rd South Station on Beagle, to which he accepted. Over the next few months, I designed and built what would become Fir Station and constructed the line between it and South 2. After consulting darparniox about the status of South 2, I reworked the existing design started by 20.png blueartistic813_, with the help of N1cM4tth3w63. In May 2021, I approached SRN Conductor 20.png expedtadam, offering my support as a Line Manager if they wanted me, as I had been really enjoying working on the Beagle South Line the past 5 months. The Line Managers accepted, and I officially became a Line Manager on May 29th 2021, a few hours after Aquarius and Fir opened. I would go on to build the Beagle South Line to a total of 8 stations and also coordinated the build of the Husky SW Branch Line with various base owners and station builders that helped create the Branch Line.
  • In February 2021, 20.png TheLemonCrafter approached me asking if I was interested in helping manage the Path Network Group on Beagle, due to my previous experience building roads with the RHN on Husky. I accepted and helped continue the construction of the Alina Road. In May 2021 during the Battle of the Spawns event, we approached the server HeadMods offering to build some basic roads around Beagle Spawn. They accepted, and with help from 20.png _Shako, we constructed a basic but pretty road system for Beagle Spawn City, giving it some much needed infrastructure. This proved to have a positive effect, as many more builds would pop up at the sides of the roads throughout May.

Survival 5

  • As I was part of the SRN Team, I was invited by 20.png OldmanLP85 in January 2022 to help with the construction of the new Spawn areas for Survival 5. I initially worked on what would become Shepherd Spawn and am responsible for designing and building the South Line that extends from Grand Central Station and travels down the road out of the city. After the Build Team and Events Team merged and two more worlds were announced, I would also build a few things for those Spawns. On Labrador, I designed small decorative items like a set of fuel tanks and solar panels, which you can find scattered around the Labrador Spawn area. On Corgi, I designed the tent where the spawn point and rules are located.
  • I would continue my work with the SRN throughout Survival 5. Now transferred over from Beagle to Akita. At the time of writing, the Akita South Line is 4 stations long, with a fifth nearly complete. I also started work on a small personal base in the southeast of Akita named Lakeworks. This has seen minimal progress however, due to more pressing commitments on Dogcraft, as well as a lack of inspiration to work on a personal base. I also teamed up with N1cM4tth3w63, ElliotTheRedd and LazyNine again to create a group base/town based on an old base we had together called Flowercliffe. It has seen slow progress but progress nonetheless, mainly due to ElliotTheRedd and LazyNine being relatively inactive during Survival 5.
  • TheLemonCrafter and I would bring the PNG back for Surival 5, with an end goal of integrating it into the RHN at some point in the future. This was a response to the RHN focussing on Shepherd and Labrador, leaving Akita and Corgi without an official road transport network. As we both had our main bases on Akita, we decided to build the PNG there. With help from 20.png CaveCreeper1024, who build several large footbridges over the ocean in the south, the PNG now covers a significant portion of the South and East of Akita. I was also keen on establishing the CSC on Akita as well, as I had already built a port at Akita South Station in anticipation. I knew if the network were to kick off properly it would need a port at Spawn. So, after talking with the Headmods as well as 20.png L1GHTN1NG_STR1KE, I came up with an appealing and practical design for a Spawn Port that got a seal of approval from all parties involved. I worked closely with L1GHTN1NG_STR1KE, to ensure my build stayed true to his vision for the CSC. Its opening marked the first official opening for a CSC port in the server's history. Since then, I have built several more ports on Akita, and the CSC network on Akita now has a decent number of destinations.
  • During my time on Dogcraft I have been the only player to serve 3 non-consecutive terms as a server helper. The first was in July 2020 with 20.png StenLluk and 20.png RynnEver. The second was in April 2021 with 20.png Philip98999 and 20.png Chriizsich, where we constructed the Helper HQ with the help from various former helpers and staff members. It proved to be a very successful project. My third term as helper was in October 2022, alongside 20.png AwesomeTom21 and 20.png Asteria042. On the 26th of October, my birthday, I was approached by the HeadMods asking if I wanted to become a ChatMod, to which I have accepted and at the time of writing, is a position I still hold.