Stream Town Neighborhood Security Association

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STNSA Kit and Banner

Type Player Group
World(s) Survival 1
Project Leader(s) 20.png Kiterou
Status Defunct

The Stream Town Neighborhood Security Association (STNSA) was a project started in approximately May 2016, thought to be within the first or second week of Stream Town's opening.  


The STNSA was created by 20.png Kiterou, as a response to the rampant hostile mobs present during ReNDoG's Stream Town livestreams. This annoying occurrence was a consequence of the poorly lit streets of the city. Several players were recruited and handed out uniforms, banners, and shields to be equipped. Meanwhile, a headquarters for the group was built in Stream Town, complete with offices and prison cells. An elaborate forum thread was created with many roles that could be applied for, although this never particularly took off.

The STNSA were successful in protecting the streets of Stream Town and making ReNDoG's streams there slightly less chaotic. Unfortunately, the relatively quick end to livestreams in the city and the resulting fall in interest meant that the STNSA was a short-lived project, only being relevant for around a month.