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Survival 3
Doggywood Logo.png
Doggywood Logo by 20.png dmgdog
TypeFilm Studio City
World(s)Survival 3
Leader(s)20.png TrainerMoon

20.png dmgdog

20.png expedtadam
Contributors20.png almightyanna 20.png Domino_1

DoggyWood was a build project on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server, in which the goal was to transform a savanna biome into a city filled with film studios for people to claim and use for their own personal film projects.


Doggywood was founded on 29th November, 2019 by 20.png TrainerMoon and 20.png dmgdog when 20.png TrainerMoon had expressed the need for a location to build a filming studio for his upcoming Dogcraft reality competition show, "Skin Wars." While "rtping" about, 20.png dmgdog stumbled across a savanna biome surrounded by desert to the north, east, and west and ocean to the south. After a quick fly around the biome, they agreed this was the perfect location for the studio.

Shortly after the biome was claimed, 20.png TrainerMoon came up with the idea to transform the entire biome into a Dogcraft replica of the Hollywood Studios in Los Angeles so that all players can set up spaces for their own personal filming projects. This is where the name Doggywood comes from.

20.png TrainerMoon then began to clear the entire savanna biome of all trees and grass, with the assistance of 20.png almightyanna, and mapped out the area to begin marking out plots and sections of the land. As this was going down, he discovered the location for Doggywood was fairly close to 20.png Domino_1's base and the Chronia Country Club/Vectron SRN Branch Line. After speaking to 20.png TrainerMoon, 20.png Domino_1 agreed to add Doggywood to the route for the Branch Line. Shortly after that, 20.png TrainerMoon enlisted the help of 20.png expedtadam to take on the role as the third leader of the Doggywood project for the sole reason that 20.png expedtadam had no projects to do and wanted something to do.

The first section to be marked out for plots was the Eastern section named "News Corner". It would feature 10 equally sized TV Studios dedicated to various groups throughout the Dogcraft Server.


After clearing out the trees and grass

Film Projects


  • The name "Doggywood" was both the brainchild of 20.png TrainerMoon and 20.png Vectron09, but they did not come up with it together. While 20.png TrainerMoon thought of the name first, it was 20.png Vectron09 who said the name first. Because of this, both are credited with the name.
  • The name for the most part was well received by the Dogcraft community. The only complaints came from 20.png RageCage295, 20.png blueartistic813_, 20.png SilverLurker, and 20.png William278 for insinuating inappropriate behavior. However, they are the only four to entertain this thought, as they have dirty minds.
  • There was a small ocean biome near the center of the savanna biome which was to be home to a turtle and dolphin sanctuary.