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This page covers a number of Frequently Asked Questions about the Dogcraft Wiki project. For the full FAQ about, see Frequently Asked Questions.

Questions and Answers

Is the Cyberdog Wiki Project official?

Answer: As of the 6th of September, 2019, the Cyberdog Wiki Project is indeed official.

Who runs the Cyberdog Wiki Project?

Answer: William278, darparniox and DomiNo are the current project administrators, so they are in charge of the wiki's design and policies. However, the community may freely create and manage pages, so truly the project has no leader, rather "managers" who ensure the wiki has high quality content.

Can I link the discord for my topic within its wiki page?

Answer: No. We've had a few discussions on this topic within the discord in the past and our conclusion was that we'd like to avoid pages becoming self promotion. We also can't verify the content of discords either and we'd like to align the wiki with the server and forum rules. Furthermore, you probably may not want random readers joining your discord. As Cookies58_ put it:

"well, with the Chronia discord, I really only want people we know, it would be hard to tell people to leave after they joined though the wiki." Cookies58_

What about pages for occurrences like the Bean War and the Riddening?

See Also: CWP:Guidelines 搂 What deserves an article on the Wiki?

Answer: As per the Wiki Guidelines, we don't like writing articles about negative or niche topics:

"Highly niche topics such as inside jokes within a subset of the community. Of course, it's interesting to read about community subsets and groups, but you should include the niche topics within an article about the group rather than in a separate one. For example, this is why there is no "Bean War" or "The Riddening" article and instead we mention these topics within larger articles about the broader topic."

However, topics about some major occurrences on the server like the Townpocalypse can be categorized as a [[Category:Phenomenon]].

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