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Some pages on the Dogcraft Wiki are protected, meaning some users will be unable to edit them. When this is the case on a page, you may only be able to view the source of a page. On this wiki, there are two protection categories which determine why a page is protected and who is exempt from the protection and is able to still edit the page.

Only Wiki administrators are able to apply and remove protection levels. If you believe a page has been protected erroneously, please contact a Wiki Administrator. Pages are often also move-protected meaning you cannot move the article.

Protection Categories

Category 1 protection

Administrator Protected

A red padlock warning indicates Category 1 protection. Only administrators can edit pages protected under category 1. Pages protected in this way are often:

  • High traffic pages important to the wiki, like the Main page.
  • System and organisation pages, such as information and tools on the Dogcraft Wiki: namespace.
  • Highly used template structures, like navboxes and infoboxes.
  • User trophy pages.
  • The privacy policy, and other internal policies.

Category 2 protection

Site Content Editor Protected

A blue padlock warning indicates Category 2 protection. Only Site Content Editors are able to edit pages with Category 2 protection, which is a special permission level designated to editors who help with informational pages. Pages protected in this way are often:

  • Pages linked, or with content that feature on the main site.
  • Pages with important or sensitive information that need to be highly accurate, like lists of staff and the server and wiki rules.
  • Certain other templates and template structure.
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