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Redirects are pages which automatically redirect players to another page. They are used to aid in navigation when users are looking for information. On the Dogcraft Wiki, we create redirects to topics covered within existing articles and for articles which are refered to by multiple names. For instance, Havana redirects to the actual article; City of Havana. They are also used to make a main namespace redirect for Guide pages.

Redirect clutter

In some cases, Redirects can actually harm navigation more than it can help. Too many redirects may confuse players and redirects about highly niche topics that are discussed within other pages should be avoided. For instance, "Wanigoora Station" is mentioned within the Wanigoora article, but realistically a redirect to it is not needed as the topic isn't noteworthy enough to warrant it.


Disambiguation pages are pages which disambiguate between different topics which have a common name. For instance, Wanigoora is the name of a town on both Survival 1 and Survival 2 and users searching for simply "Wanigoora" may get confused which one they are looking for. Hence, a disambiguation page contains a link to the relevant articles for the towns on each world with a simple explanation clarifying the difference between the two.