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"Rule 23: Do not vandalise the Dogcraft Wiki." Community Rules

The Dogcraft Wiki prohibits the vandalism of content, as covered by Rule #23 of the Rules. As the rule states, vandalism is the act of editing the Dogcraft Wiki maliciously. This could be by deleting pages or content, overwriting them with unrelated information, or repeatedly and purposefully adding misleading or incorrect information to the site.

Content on the Wiki must also comply with the General Rules. This means:

  • Content must be suitable for a PG-13 audience; no swearing or adult content.
  • Content must be in English.
  • No spamming or trolling.
  • Respect the privacy of other players; do not add real names or information. We're only interested in what players do within the community.
  • Do not use the Wiki to advertise external sites/servers (it may be appropriate to link to them in some circumstances, but you should contact a Wiki Administrator for approval first.)
  • Editors must be age 13 or older (as that is the minimum age to create a account).
  • You may not have multiple accounts.
  • Please treat staff members with respect. For the Wiki, this means listening to the feedback of Wiki Administrators.
  • Do not make edits while you are intoxicated or drunk.

Players who break the Dogcraft rules on the Wiki may have their accounts blocked from editing and possibly face other repercussions. Please be mindful when making edits to the wiki to not break these rules.