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The Dogcraft Wiki makes use of Namespaces for the organisation of its content and to help distinguish different article types. Namespaces are a concept of the MediaWiki software. All pages have a namespace on this wiki and they are made use of to help distinguish different types of content. Namespaces can be identified by the box that appears above the title (for this article, it would be the "Dogcraft Wiki" namespace in a blue box.)

The following Namespaces are in use on the Dogcraft Wiki. If you have previously edited a Wiki, you may note that absence of Talk pages, as that functionality is not available as we prefer to make use of Discord for communication.


  • (Main) - An invisible Namespace that doesn't appear in a box above the article title, used for Articles.
  • User: - For User pages, for users to write about themselves.
  • File: - Media pages (where information about images and other files are stored)
  • Category: - Category pages, used for categorising articles.
  • Guide: - A namespace used for guides about Dogcraft.
  • Dogcraft Wiki: - A protected (only editable by administrators) namespace used for meta information about the wiki, such as the Wiki Guidelines and the article creation tool page.
  • Special: - Special administration pages.
  • MediaWiki: - Site administrators interface pages.