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Each user on the Dogcraft Wiki has their own user page, which is automatically created when you log in for the first time. Alongside your user page, all users have a trophy cabinet (See Dogcraft Wiki:Trophies for more information on trophies) which displays awards they have received. Do not edit user pages that are not your own, unless you have permission from the editor it belongs to, and do not edit Trophy pages at all.

A User Page is your own page which you are free to customise (although we ask you keep the tab bar at the top and infobox). Other than requiring your page to be PG-13 and within the site rules, you can write however you like on your user page. We recommend writing a bit about yourself and your achievements on Dogcraft and feel free to link to your favorite places and projects through wiki links on your page.

Player infobox

User pages all feature a special infobox which you can add details about yourself. It automatically generates a preview of your Minecraft skin. You can also add information about your builds, activity and initial join date.

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