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Trophies are special awards given to editors of the Dogcraft Wiki by the Wiki administrators for various reasons. Users who have trophies will have them displayed on a special user subpage. On this page, trophies are displayed on cards. Currently, there are three trophies a user may have, which are detailed below.

Available Trophies

Trophy card Criteria for Obtaining

Trophy Pioneer.svg
Dogcraft Wiki
Pioneer Trophy
Awarded for helping pioneer the Dogcraft Wiki since around its' inception on the 30th of June, 2018.

Awarded to pioneers of the Dogcraft wiki who joined the project within the first couple of days after its inception. The trophy is light blue in color with a red Dogcraft Cog logo embezzled onto the cup, with the year of the wiki's founding, 2018, on the base, also in red.

Trophy 2019 Reflection Participant.svg
2019 Reflections
Event Participant
Awarded for participating in the "Reflecting on 2019" Wiki event!

Awarded to editors of the Dogcraft wiki who made edits, uploaded files or made pages during the month of January 2020, to thank them for participating in the "Reflecting on 2019" wiki event.

Trophy 2019 Reflection Winner.svg
2019 Reflections
Event Winner
Awarded for winning in a category of the 2019 reflections event!

Awarded to editors who won in a special category of the "Reflecting on 2019" event during the month of January. The categories were:
  • Most active editor(s).
  • Most new pages by an editor(s).
  • Best expansion(s) to an existing page(s).

Commitment to Grammar Trophy.svg
Commitment to Grammar Trophy
Awarded for helping correct the tense grammar of "Survival 3" articles.

Awarded to editors who helped update at least three articles about discontinued worlds into the past tense.