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JoinedApril 26th 2017
Server Rank[Mod]
Further RolesLooking after my Family
Member of:Life
ProjectsToo secret to discuss...
BasesSur4 - Steelgarde

Hello, I am Oldmanlp85!

About me

OldManLP85, or OldMan for short, can often be found wandering around the server, pretending like he knows what he’s doing. His roles include... Moderator, Events Committee, and Build Team Leader. In his spare time, he chips away at his Survival 4 base on Camp Beagle.



OldmanLP85 joined the server on April 26th 2017. At this stage, Dogcraft was still in Survival 1. After logging on for the first time, and figuring out where to go (that tree house confused me a little), Oldman wandered down the train line, thinking, where are the minecarts. Eventually he emerged at spawn and was like WOAH!!! Rendog is actually online...

Well, after about 10 minutes of looking at Ren, Oldman finally realized it was some sort of trickery... an NPC, and off he bounded, looking for somewhere to set up roots...

Eventually he settled down in what he thought would be a pretty good area, a small lake in the middle of a forest. However, after a month, he soon came to realize that he was in an area that was surrounded by other players. So on he moved, to create an underwater Dome Home. Here he settled for a while, utilizing a triple cave spider spawner, to gather the xp required to do his daily duties…

Eventually, he decided to gear up and move to the border… (little did he realize, where the border was), and ended up setting up home at around 30,000 blocks from spawn.  Here he lived out his remaining days of Survival 1.

Survival 2 saw Oldman go in with a game plan.  He wanted a spawn home this time… close to the re-spawn location.  This saw him claim a plot in brown… Directly below the stairs down from the windmill. This served two purposes, one, to set up a quick starter base in, and two, eventually a quick “oh dear i died and need emergency stuff but cant use /home or ill loose my /back” base.

Once Oldman had geared up sufficiently, he moved sights to take on something he had never done before… an ocean monument.  He eventually found one, and after setting up on a small island to the side, he then took the next 6 months conquering, draining and creating his base there.  Based off a steampunk vibe, he started to create a circular township, surrounding a giant hole in the ground. Here he tried to be as self-sustaining as possible… Multiple farms, dabbling in redstone, and even pushing himself in creativity. Read all about The Cog here.

One day, there was a competition run, by 20.png Gawin_grimm, a build competition to make houses for his town.  So off went Oldman, one of his first attempts at socially being more social, and what would you know, he won.  Oldman even went off and built a further 3 skyscrapers in a further competition in Gawin's commercial district.

Oldman then went on to offer to help out on the 2017 New Years Eve build, creating an Aussie NYE celebration.

A few months later Oldman decided to send in an application to the build team.  And on May 15 2018, he was accepted as a trainee.  Here he was set a challenge, create a mini game map, on a plot 20x20 blocks.  Oldman chose villa and upon completion was granted access as a fully fledged builder in the build team, on May 21st 2018.

Oldman then went on to create numerous things for the build team:

The server then moved to Survival 3.  This time Oldman decided to try something different, After watching Renthedog playing “They are Billions” on Twitch, he thought it would be cool to recreate this in minecraft, so set out to find the ideal location.  He Settled on a plains biome, with a surrounding mountain, to see the zombies in…  If that wasn’t enough, he then found a zombie spawner, inside the mountain, above sea level. More of this base can be read at They Must be Billions

On the 7th October 2018, Oldman was asked to become a Master Builder on the Build Team, for his efforts in everything he had made.

Oldman then continued along, helping where possible and then offered his assistance at the Christmas 2018 Event build.  Here he worked alongside 20.png marbou9 and many other players, creating many wonderful things.

On December 12th 2018, Oldman was offered the position of Chat Mod. After about 2 seconds, he accepted.

Oldman continued on his base work and then decided to help more on events, including NYE ‘18 and Easter ‘19.  On May 22nd 2019 Oldman was then offered to co-lead the events team, with Ry44, William278 and Gummibear87.  This then sent off a whirl wind of more events, including the MASSIVE event that was Christmas/NYE of 2019.

Shortly after becoming an Events Leader, Oldman was also asked to upgrade his status to Full Moderator.  So, on the 26th May 2019, he accepted.  And began learning a whole bunch of more new commands…

On September 1st 2019, Oldman then became the leader of the Build Team, as Wildfirev stepped down from the position.

Stuff I have done on the server

The most notable public builds on the Dogcraft Server include: