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Known as: Ebi_Furya
Joined 11/8/2017
Activity Active
Server Rank [CyberDog]
Further Roles [CyberDog]
Member of: City of Gaia (Senator)
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Bases GEM (Survival 3)
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Hello, I am Ebi!

About me

I joined DogCraft after becoming a fan of Hermitcraft during Season IV. (I actually binge-watched Season IV from Mumbo's perspective, but always enjoyed the interactions with Ren.) I began watching Ren more after the transition to Season V and really enjoyed his creative style and humor. In several of his episodes, Ren would talk about his fan server and it piqued my interest enough for me to join. Before this, I had never played on a multiplayer server before, but this community was very welcoming and helpful and a great place to get my feet wet. I started playing on Survival 2 for about a year before the reset to Survival 3. During this time, I met a lot of amazing players and based next to two others who have remained friends; misterblue28 and googly2002. Together, we formed GEM and shared a base together on Survival 3.

When Survival 4 was released, I made a decision to be less of a hermit and become more involved in a community. With that in mind, I joined the City of Gaia and became a Senator for the city.

On a little more personal level, I reside in Missouri in the United States. I'll be 38 in May of 2020, so I'm old enough to have been gaming since the original NES days. I actually had an old Pong console before the NES, but that was already a relic when I got it. I love RPGs and Action/Adventure games. Favorites are the Final Fantasy series, Legend of Zelda, Uncharted, Fallout, Ratchet & Clank, and of course Minecraft. There's so many others I enjoy as well, but these are the standouts that come to mind.

I have a major Creative Minecraft project to recreate the entire world from Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in Minecraft. After completing the overworld, I hit a period of burnout and haven't touched it in several years. It's definitely still a goal to complete, but I don't have a timeline anymore. If you want to see my progress, I have a playlist of videos for you.

Stuff I have done on the server

  • Survival 2 - Helped dig out parts of the East NTN.
  • Survival 2 - Helped with track building on the SRN.
  • Survival 2 - Started construction of Eastern Interchange SRN station just before the reset to connect GEM to the SRN.
  • Survival 3 - Completed most of the west border line from West to Southwest station.
  • Survival 4 - Became a Senator for the City of Gaia.
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