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Joined21st October 2018
Server Rank[CyberDog]
Member of:Caelon (Survival 5) Gaia (Survival 4)
BasesEris Bay (Survival 3)

Hello there! My name is 20.png almightyanna and I’m an active player on the Dogcraft Server since October 2018.


Survival 3

I first joined the server during RenDog’s opening livestream on the 21st October 2018. The following week mostly consisted of gathering basic resources while looking for a place to settle. Soon after, I found, using the /rtp command, a group of islands, northeast of spawn. I later called this base Eris Bay.

A few months after getting situated and having mostly kept to myself, I got to know 20.png JarrydG_ZA on Twitch, where he streamed the draining and digging of a huge Cathedral basement. I decided to help out, which enabled me to also connect with the people of Chronia, where I would go on to construct “the first proper building” and later a floating island.

I was also able to construct buildings in other major towns of Survival 3, such as Ouranos, Erebus and Barkenstein.

Survival 4

On Survival 4 I started off with a group, as the day before I got chosen to join the Gaia Senate. We managed to get situated in a village west of spawn, which would later become Oldtown Gaia. While getting settled was very much a team effort, I decided to venture out and establish a personal base, which I found in a woodland mansion on Husky. The plan was to demolish the vanilla woodland mansion and build it back up, but make it fancy. I lost inspiration for that project a few months later and decided to move most of my belongings to the Gaia storage and abandon my personal base to focus on helping around Gaia.
For the few personal things I wanted to keep, I built a small cave in the eastern Gaia mountains.

The rest of my Survival 4 was mostly spent in Gaia, working on the western mountains, interiors, and other random bits and pieces. That routine was only broken up when I got tired of having every resource at my immediate disposal. So I decided to go on a vacation to Beagle. I left everything on Husky and took the NTN north to find a small place to settle. There I constructed a small cottage, mine and barn.

Notable Builds

Eris Bay -5684/74/-2502 Overview of Eris Bay.png
Chronia House 4536/84/-11656 Anna chronia build.png
Chronia Floating Island 4550/125/-11891 Anna Chronia Floating Island.png
Ouranous House. Collaborative Effort with 20.png JarrydG_ZA 5382/69/1988 Anna ouranos build.png
Erebus Office Building -107814/59/46501 Anna erebus build.png
Barkenstein House -5684/74/-2502 Anna Barkenstein build.png
Survival 3 Map Art Anna sur3 map art.png
Gaia Public Library -1643/65/-347 Anna gaia public library.png
Survival 4 Map Art Anna sur4 map art.png