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Known as: HD
Joined 22th December 2018
Actvity Active
Further Roles [CyberDog]
Server Information
Builds Snowy Settlement, Wolf Bane, Ice Highway, Takeshi's Castle Tribute
Bases Snowy Settlement
 Username History

Hello, I am HeavyDork!

About me

HeavyDork joined Dogcraft in December 2018 after hearing Rendog talk about the server in several of his videos. Being this his first online experience with a Minecraft Server, he tried to stay in a low profile while learning and building his base during Survival 3. After several RTPs and minor exploration, decided to establish settlement in a snowy biome just by the ocean and over an abandoned mineshaft.

Survival 3

Snowy Settlement

The Snowy Settlement was the name of HeavyDork's Base, located in a snowy biome just by the sea and over a mineshaft. Constructed using cobble and spruce to emphasize the rudeness of winter climate, with somewhat a viking style. Consisted in a walled city with shipyard, a complete set of farms, monuments (Wolf Bane, Chessboard, ...) and different esthetic buildings (Theater, Cathedral,...). In addition, there was a game area, tribute to the famous "Takeshi's Castle", with six different areas to be played. The exteriors were gardens, crops and included two different mazes with "Search for the Mob's Heads" game.

More detailed information can be found in the Snowy Settlement page.

Other relevant constructions

Apart from the main Snowy Settlement and, in order to become resource independent, HeavyDork built these relevant constructions:

  • Guardian Farm in a nearby monument, using Iskall85 design from Hermitcraft 6.
  • Wither Skeleton Farm in the center of a nether fortress, all buttoned in the perimeter to improve efficiency. The design consisted in 3 floors with 6 different flying machines pushing mobs to center platform, and an inferior killing chamber with automatic sorting redstone. This project was built twice because in the first attempt, platforms where too high for Wither Skeletons to spawn.
  • Witch Farm connected by a fast ice highway to Snowy Settlement, and surrounded by a terraformed land with the purpose of building an interior zoo. This zoo was not completed by the end of Survival 3 and remained as an unfinished project.
  • Ice Highway connecting Snowy Settlement and the Witch Farm. Two way boat highway designed using Prismarine, Dark Prismarine, Sea Lanterns, Polished Diorite and Lanterns.
  • HD Shop in the mall, located in Blue_30 and built with a red brick and striped birch palette, was selling a variety of construction blocks, and especially profitable items like Tridents and Wither Skeleton Skulls. Top elements (magma and end crystal) were secured after some unfortunate accident occurred to a customer.