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Forest Hall Station
East Station Husky.png
World Survival 4 (Husky)
Network Survival Railway Network (Survival 4 (Husky))
Line North Line
Location X=1118
Builder(s) 18.png StenLLuk
Opened 30th May 2020
Station Stats
Nยฐ of Main Lines 2
Nยฐ of Branch Lines 0

East Station is the first East Line station heading outwards from Grand Central Station on the Survival 4 (Husky) SRN.


This station is very unique, being built in a modern-eastern cuboid structure, as opposed to the typical semi-radial designs used most often on the SRN. The station contains 3 branch line connections available, with a nether portal and local map on the second floor.


StenLLuk was contacted to build in the location by conductor 18.png expedtadam, due to her nearby base/town area. During construction, several community members built alongside the line, most notably 18.png Inkxr.

East Line