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Known as: _Shako
Joined Summer 2020
Activity Active
Server Rank [CyberDog]
Member of: Road and Horse Network
Server Information
Builds Town of Vitruvius, _Shako House, Birdland House, Eagle Road, Lotus Isthmus Road, Stone Exchange Road, Nossi Gap Road, Flower Hills Road, Rail Station Road
Projects Town of Vitruvius
Bases _Shako House (Gaia)
Accomplishments Built the first public horse/foot roads to reach Lotus, SRN HQ, and Stone Exchange
 Username History

_Shako, or Shako (pronounced SHAY-ko), also sometimes known as ShakoRam or ShakoMC, is a Cyberdog who joined Dogcraft in Summer 2020 during Survival 4.


Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Shako grew up in Morgan County, West Virginia and currently lives in Vermont. He is a masters student in Historic Preservation at the University of Vermont and holds a B.A. degree in History from Shepherd University in West Virginia. He has worked a summer job writing historic building surveys and preparing construction documents for a small architecture firm, and he volunteers on a community historic buildings board in West Virginia.

Shako began playing Minecraft in March 2011 with the username nitromegamer, having previously been a fan of Nitrome, though he currently does not play any other games. Other past usernames include SpaghettiGoat (2015-2019) and ShakoRam (2019-2020). He played on a small SMP server from August 2011 until it temporarily closed in May 2020, and he currently manages buildings and infrastructure on a friend's Five Nights at Freddy's-themed Bedrock Edition realm.

On Dogcraft

Shako stands in the atrium of the Vitruvius Town Hall shortly after finishing construction.

Shako joined Dogcraft while a server he had played on continuously since 2011 was temporarily closed in mid-2020.

He is most active as a member of the Road and Horse Network (RHN), for which he constructs and documents roads. He began by straightening and widening Gaia Road on Survival 4 and then volunteered to build the roads around the Spawn Sea and south to Lotus which had been planned by the RHN.

In Survival 4 he built a large town called Vitruvius, 2.5km south of Gaia. However, his primary functional base was a four-story house, called _Shako House, immediately adjacent to the Gaia city line.

Throughout September 2021 he built the Nether Tunnel Network overworld tower at 30 kilometers (30000 blocks) south on Husky as an entry in the NTN tower build contest. The building is postmodern in style and is nine stories high including a partially-underground bottom floor.

In Survival 5, he is building a mega-base based on a dreamlike abstraction of a typical American university campus. Most of the structures are based on either real-life buildings or common styles found on collegiate buildings, and they are mashed together to form a continuous interior space. At the center is a replica of Bradfield Hall at Cornell University by architect Ulrich Franzen, and the storage hall is based on Barton Hall, also at Cornell University, by architect Lewis Pilcher.


  • A Shako is a military uniform hat originating in 18th-century Europe and common today with American marching bands, an activity in which he is active. The "Ram" in ShakoRam refers to the mascot of his undergraduate university, a live Dorset Ram named J.C.
  • Shako has been a regular viewer of Joe Hills since late 2019 after viewing the Hermitcraft Recap and being captivated by a clip from the episode "Is Falsewell Motel a false wall between worlds?" Shako's introduction to Hermitcraft was in early 2019 through watching MumboJumbo's redstone videos.
  • While in secondary school (high school), Shako attended summer programs at Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater and at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory campus in Green Bank, and conducted a volunteer project involving delivering local road and address data to Google Maps and other GIS providers because there was no accurate GIS data available for the area at the time.
  • Shako collects antique clocks; his collection includes a German Empire wall clock and a Swiss musical clock among others.
  • While only fluent in English, Shako is learning German and Yiddish, which are both ancestral languages in his family.
  • Shako owns an Instagram and Flickr of architecture photography under the name @archizackture.
  • Shako posts to r/hermitcraft and r/hermitchat as u/zaxophone.bswv and on Twitter as @archizackture.
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