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JoinedNovember 2018
Server Rank[CyberDog]
Further Roles[CyberDog]
Member of:Duh Revolution
ProjectsRacine Resort, Dogcraft Hunger Games, Village of Sikuukuu
BasesRacine Resort, Unnamed Sur3 base
AccomplishmentsCo-built, organized, and ran the Dogcraft Hunger Games Event. One of the top players in Nitro UHC. Participated in a DCSC stream day. Co-founded Racine Resort and the village of Sikuukuu. Co-founded the (secret) Duh Revolution.

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ElliotTheRedd is an active Cyberdog on Dogcraft who joined in Survival 3 in November of 2018. He played on Survival 3 for a few months before losing inspiration and petering off in around January or February of 2019. He rejoined Dogcraft on the launch day of Survival 4, where he got teleported far out and found a nice grassy forest by the ocean, with a few islands off the coast of the main landmass and lots of lakes and rivers. Elliot founded the Racine Resort with 20.png LazyNine, and they are still working on it today. He has also worked on other things like the Dogcraft Hunger Games, and terraforming a mushroom island into a mountainous landscape (still in progress). Elliot likes to stream and make YouTube videos on Dogcraft occasionally as well. In terms of IRL things, Elliot is a very interesting person who does interesting and unique things, for example, he skis, and he owns an otamatone, which he does not know how to play.

Elliot On Dogcraft

  • Elliot joined Dogcraft during Survival 3 in November 2018 at the encouragement of LazyNine, his best friend who had already played on Dogcraft during Survival 2.
  • In Sur 3, Lazy and Elliot decided to settle near each other, and eventually found a big desert with a cool circular lake where Lazy would put his base, and Elliot found an acacia hills area to settle, which was only a few hundred blocks south of Lazy.
  • While Lazy made great progress on his area, Elliot kept gathering resources and didn't really ever build anything.
  • Lazy and Elliot notably made an underground ice boat subway system to connect their bases. However, it only got halfway done when they both stopped playing around January or February of 2019.
  • Elliot returned to Dogcraft at the launch of Survival 4 on 1st of April, 2020, where he got a handy teleport about 16,000 blocks out each direction. He scranned around and found a grassy forest on the ocean, with a few islands near it. This area had lots of lakes and rivers nearby, and is bordered by extreme hills, a dark oak forest, and a desert and swamp nearby.
  • LazyNine joined in, and they founded the Racine Resort, located at about 18,000, 19,000. The plan for the Racine Resort was to have a resort mostly based on different countries, similar to Disney's Epcot. The Resort was divided into sections for countries and the Djibouti Sector was constructed along with the giant lobby and hotel building.
  • Other parts of the Racine Resort as it stands today include: the beachside rentable Villas, a ticket booth, a ferry, a lighthouse, the waterslide, lockers, and a freshwater beach by Infinity Lake, and the ongoing Lazy River (with a lumberjack area, cenote, and a cave along a river).
  • Lazy and Elliot also made a shop when the mall was released, called Tetris, themed after the video game by the same name. It is a landmark shop that people use often for directions in the mall.
  • In late June, Lazy had the idea to create, build, and organize a hunger games event. This would surely be a difficult task to do in survival mode, so Lazy and Elliot asked 20.png Montenator to help, who agreed, which was the start of an amazing partnership, as the Lazy and Elliot had never met Monty before. Monty then called in the reserves, and out popped 20.png N1cM4tth3w63, who also became part of the team for the event, and part of the coalition between the four.
  • The Dogcraft Hunger Games took up basically all the time over the next 6 weeks since it was such a big project, but it turned out really well and was well worth the effort. After the Hunger Games, Lazy and Elliot would split off from the other dynamic duo (although the kept close contact as part of the Duh Revolution) to begin terraforming a mushroom island to store some redstone farms in.
  • After formidable progress was made on that area, the two switched back over to the Racine Resort to create the Lazy River, which was a pun on LazyNine's name. The Lazy River is still in progress right now, although overall progress on the server has slowed down due to the two being busier lately.
  • On the 19th of December, 2020, Lazy, Elliot, Monty, and many other participated in a stream day, where lots of people built things at the Village of Sikuukuu, co-founded by Lazy and Elliot. Sikuukuu has continued past stream day and is a winter themed town, with many diverse builds, and an RHN connection. Eventually Sikuukuu may get an SRN branch connection as well.
  • Elliot and Lazy are known on the server as being a dynamic duo, and the group of four that worked on the Hunger Games is also a well-known group.
  • Elliot is sometimes called Mr. Quirky by some members on the server, like 20.png ThEquinox2, because he is super quirky.
  • Elliot and Lazy have also formed a secret coalition called the Duh Revolution, an organization so secret, they don't have a full list of their members. Notable Members are: Elliot, Lazy, Monty, N1c, 20.png BarlBacon, and Equinox. The Duh Revolution is made to spread the word Duh around.
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