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The Status Category of a project defines its current status; whether or not it is being worked on, has been made defunct or is not in active development/construction. The Cyberdog Wiki Project guidelines defines a set of five status categories that may apply to a project.

The project status can be displayed in the infobox of the project's page, under "Status".

Status Categories

Status Definition Template
Complete Projects that are on an active server world and are fully complete and open to the public to view. {{Open}}
Active Projects that are on an active server world and are currently in active development or construction, but are not yet officially open. {{Active}}
Inactive Incomplete projects that are on an active server world, but are no longer in active development or construction and were never opened. {{Inactive}}
Cancelled Projects that were terminated/unfinished by their owner before being complete. {{Cancelled}}
Defunct Projects that are no longer on an active server world; this category applies to all projects on closed worlds (e.g Survival 2, MCMMO) {{Defunct}}

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